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Will NYT’s shift to covering race more widely work better than a beat?

Some readers and journalists responded with disappointment when Tanzina Vega, a Times reporter devoted solely to race and ethnicity, was moved this week to cover an unrelated courts beat in the Bronx. Public editor Margaret Sullivan addresses the move and reports on the rationale according to Dean Baquet: “[This] is not a cosmic decision about […]

How industry jargon like ‘edu-speak’ can get in the way of informing audiences

Education is a field like many others that has a host of jargon, which Alia Wong notes can complicate the reform process and also make education reporting “boring.” “Intended to help people understand education reform, edu-speak often ends up doing the exact opposite: It muddles those reform strategies,” writes Wong. Reporters need to make room […]

How to guide storytelling projects through interactive expeditions

Eric Cade Schoenborn shares some tips on what a news team needs to produce interactives — via an interactive. Schoenborn suggests having an interdisciplinary “guide” who is passionate about understanding the needs of the audiences for your expedition.

How to be a storytelling superhero

Alisa Miller, head of Public Radio International, writes about how to take advantage of the new digital “ecosystems” with seven storytelling superpowers, and how PRI is trying to invent new ways to engage with people. “For us, it’s about how these ecosystems fuel growth by generating more value from/for individual stories, user generated content, ‘shows,’ […]

Fear not the long sentence

“Care must be taken with the long sentence of course, the care of craft, because mastery of the long sentence is an arrow in the quiver of almost every writer I admire,” writes Roy Peter Clark. “As always, the exercise of craft begins not with technique but a sense of mission and purpose. By my […]

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