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How to use private Twitter lists to deepen reporting

When covering Dutch banks, Henk van Ess uncovered a meeting where employees were informed of layoffs using Twitter lists. By monitoring what the bankers were talking about and when, van Ess was able to figure out something was going on from tweets such as, “Sometimes you must leave behind what you love the most.” Using […]

Tips to keep in mind when covering LGBT communities during Pride Month

Lauren Klinger lays out a set of five thoughtful guidelines for reporting on LGBT stories during Pride Month. Remember there is no one gay or trans narrative, and while talking about the LGBT icons is important, Klinger recommends being aware of the role of class in those narratives. Most importantly, Klinger says: “Writing about a […]

How NPR’s Seoul bureau chief uses Tumblr to complement her reporting

NPR’s new Seoul bureau chief Elise Hu uses her Tumblr blog Elise Goes East to share stories and tidbits both serious and silly from her experiences living halfway around the world. Hu shares information that doesn’t make it into her NPR stories and observations about Seoul, where she’s lived since March. Since Hu started the […]

One word you’re probably forgetting when searching for sources on Twitter

To find sources on Twitter, New York Times staff editor Daniel Victor says most journalists are forgetting one important word when searching for sources on Twitter: “Me.” Most people on Twitter talking about a personal experience will use the word “me” in their tweet, but someone observing from afar who wouldn’t be as good of […]

How The New York Times approaches writing headlines for different platforms

When search engines weren’t picking up New York Times headlines several years ago because they lacked keywords, the NYT began to rethink the way it adapts its lyrical and clever headlines for digital platforms. Patrick LaForge, who oversees copy editors at the NYT, says: “We’ve come to understand that it didn’t always serve the readers […]

How to deepen community relationships before, during and after the reporting process

Bringing the community into the newsgathering process can enhance your reporting with new perspectives and people who may know more about an issue than the reporter does. Look to members of the community to find out what issues they want to see reported, and talk to people who are knowledgeable about these issues. During the […]

An introduction to publishing on Medium and its new features

In the years since its launch, Medium has gained a reputation for “simple-yet-beautiful collaborative publishing.” Medium is regularly used for smart online publishing, regularly used by Storyful and De Correspondent for announcements and ideas, as well as digital thinkers. This guide can help you get started on Medium with the basics of writing and publishing, […]

Why The Economist leaves links out of its stories

Tom Standage, who oversees digital efforts for The Economist, says that links are left out of their stories because “everything that you need to know is distilled into this thing that you can get to the end of.” The Economist will link to sources such as background information and scientific papers, but Standage says the […]

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