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Amazon’s response to the story accuses The New York Times of misrepresenting the company, with NYT’s response defending the story and the reporter

You might have heard: The New York Times’ story on Amazon’s workplace culture drew strong reactions, and public editor Margaret Sullivan said the story needed more balance and context But did you know: In his response published Monday to The New York Times story, Amazon senior vice president Jay Carney accuses NYT of misrepresenting the […]

Highlights from 2015’s Online Journalism Awards: Winners include coverage of Baltimore riots after Freddie Gray’s death and Charlie Hebdo attacks

At the 2015 Online Journalism Awards, news organizations including, The Baltimore Sun and The Wall Street Journal took home awards for coverage of events such as the Charlie Hebdo attacks and the riots in Baltimore following Freddie Gray’s death. won the award for “breaking news, small” for its real-time coverage of Charlie Hebdo, […]

AP Stylebook: Instead of using ‘climate change skeptics,’ say ‘those who reject mainstream climate science’

The Associated Press updated its global warming entry on Tuesday, cautioning against the usage of the word “skeptics” or “deniers” to describe people who don’t accept climate change science. Instead, the AP recommends the usage of the phrase “those who reject mainstream climate science” or “climate change doubters.” The memo from the AP says the […]

Tips for live-tweeting breaking news from the BBC reporter who covered the Oscar Pistorius trial

BBC Africa correspondent Andrew Harding shares his tips and advice for live-tweeting breaking news, which he picked up while covering 40 days of the Oscar Pistorius trial in Johannesburg. Like other forms of reporting, Harding recommends setting the scene for your readers and relaying the atmosphere at the scene. Harding also says reporters shouldn’t be […]

How NYT retrains reporters’ thinking to write push notifications

New York Times day editor Karron Skog says writing a push notification requires a different kind of thinking as you can’t go back and edit more information in, a shift that has required retraining reporters’ processes. Skogs said NYT has established a process for sending push notifications, which allows them to get notifications out faster. […]

‘The death of snackable content’: Why readers are looking for more meaningful content

Listicles and “clickbait” are on the way out, Issuu CEO Joe Hyrkin writes, as more readers are looking for more meaningful content. Breaking down topics to make them accessible as possible inherently means they don’t have as much depth, Hyrkin says. But readers are looking for that depth, which Hyrkin says often comes in the […]

A toolkit to help introduce solutions journalism reporting methods into your newsroom

Solutions Journalism Network released a guide on Tuesday to help editors integrate solutions journalism practices into their newsrooms. Solutions journalism not only points out issues in the world, but proposes potential solutions. The toolkit was created using advice from editors who have started using solutions journalism methods, and includes a “starter guide” to help journalists […]

Storyful’s best practices for reaching out to eyewitnesses

User-generated content is becoming increasingly valuable, but Storyful’s Rachael Kennedy says many journalists don’t consider the welfare of their sources enough. Kennedy says Storyful usually takes the time to send a follow-up message to inquire about the source’s well-being. Kennedy offers Storyful’s best practices for reaching out to eyewitnesses who could potentially become long-term sources, […]

Why NYT and other news organizations don’t always link to sources

In professional newsrooms, there can be a tension between the culture of writing for the web and a desire to keep traffic within its site when it comes to linking to outside sources, Shan Wang writes. However, the resistance against linking has begun to fall away, because of the culture of Internet as well as […]

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