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How to investigate for-profit prisoner transport in your state

Over eight months, The Marshall Project, in collaboration with The New York Times, surveyed the departments of correction in all 50 states and found that 26 of them use private companies to transport parolees, fugitives and other prisoners. The investigation found a pattern of death and injury in an industry that operates with almost no […]

Taking on corporations and financial interests — by using data — is at the core of many Pulitzer Prize-winning stories, despite the fact that there’s no Pulitzer category for business reporting

You might have heard:  Data is essential to making the journalism of today stronger than what came before But did you know: This year alone, at least a third of the 28 Pulitzer winners or finalists explored the relationship between business and its impact on society. American business is arguably as powerful, if not more powerful […]

8 questions that will sharpen a story idea

For an editor, coaching means engaging the writer in an ongoing conversation about a story, from the conception of an idea to the final edit. The more time and thought you invest in this conversation, the less work you will likely face in “fixing” the story when it comes in. One key moment in coaching: […]

How Mother Jones went undercover to reveal ugly truths about for-profit prisons

The magazine has published its 35,000-word investigation of a Louisiana for-profit prison, based on reporter Shane Bauer’s four-month stint as a prison guard. The magazine walked up to the line of accepted journalism ethics: reporters shouldn’t lie or misrepresent themselves as they pursue a story, writes media columnist Margaret Sullivan. “Undercover reporting becomes necessary,” the […]

A tip for how reporters can increase the diversity of their sources

Writing about how he set out to include more female sources in his stories, writer John R. Platt shares an important tip from Women’s Media Center’s Kate McCarthy on how all reporters can increase the diversity of sources they turn to again and again. McCarthy suggests that reporters spend some time in between deadlines building […]

Reporting tips from Pulitzer winners: Stop asking so many questions and get people out of a story as well as you get them in

At a recent writing seminar held by Poynter ahead of this year’s Pulitzer Prizes, past winners offered their reporting tips. Among their advice: Tom French, who won in 1998 for feature writing, says reporters should rely less upon interview questions and feel comfortable reporting what they observe. And Leonard Pitts Jr., who won in 2004 for […]

AP changes its style to lowercase ‘internet’ and ‘web’

Associated Press editors announced this weekend at the American Copy Editors Society’s conference that the 2016 stylebook will lowercase the words “internet” and “web.” AP standards editor Thomas Kent says the changes “reflect a growing trend toward lowercasing both words, which have become generic terms.” Adam Nathaniel Peck wrote last year that “internet” should be […]

How Gannett newspapers across Wisconsin teamed up to cover youth suicide

With newspapers scattered across the country, Gannett newspapers are increasingly teaming up to cover big stories. In Wisconsin, 10 newspapers throughout the state worked together to cover the state’s youth suicide problem. About 25 reporters were working on the story, and the newspapers also held 10 town hall meetings to discuss the problem with their […]

‘Spotlight’ wins the Academy Award for Best Picture

In an upset, “Spotlight” won the Academy Award for Best Picture on Sunday night. The movie tells the story of The Boston Globe journalists who broke the story of widespread sexual abuse by Catholic clergy in the area. “Spotlight” also won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay, while The Boston Globe won the Pulitzer […]

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