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A TV channel guide from the future: What will TV look like with companies like Vice and BuzzFeed moving into TV?

Recent investments in digital media startups, including NBCUniversal’s investments in BuzzFeed and Vox and Univision’s in Fusion, all have one thing in common, Rex Sorgatz writes: Money is flowing from traditional television networks to new digital properties. With that money, many of these digital properties will be creating their own television networks, leading to a […]

Jonah Peretti says NBCU’s investment will allow BuzzFeed to extend its reach into TV and film

You might have heard: NBCUniversal will invest $200 million in BuzzFeed and explore strategic partnerships between the two (BuzzFeed), following a similar investment of $200 million by NBCU in Vox Media, which will have the two companies collaborating on advertising and programming But did you know: With NBCUniversal’s $200 million investment, BuzzFeed founder Jonah Peretti […]

Why local newspapers are looking to over-the-top video to compete with TV news

Some local newspapers are starting to produce content for TV devices like Roku and Amazon Fire as a less expensive way to compete with local TV news. Columbia Journalism Review’s Corey Hutchins writes that these newspapers in essence are launching their own TV stations without being subject to FCC regulations or taking on the cost […]

Autoplay video on Facebook and Twitter presents an ethical problem for publishers

Autoplay video offers benefits in terms of engagement and video views, but Abigail Edge writes that it also presents an ethical dilemma for news outlets that publish graphic or unsettling content. The New York Times uploaded a video in July to Facebook that showed footage of several unidentified men being shot and killed at sea, […]

How Mic took a social-first approach to distributing its interview with President Obama

Mic is “chopping and splicing” its interview with President Obama to fit platforms from Facebook to Tumblr. To initially get the full interview in front of as many people as possible, its mobile app and Facebook were key. To further distribution, Mic is posting clips of the video to Facebook, targeted to users based on […]

Why the future of video may be vertical

While some professional videographers reject vertical video, it’s the way many users prefer to consume video. According to Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report, people now spend 30 percent of their screen time with devices that are best held vertically, a number that is quickly growing. That shift is prompting publishers to experiment with professionally shot […]

Why Mic crowdsourced questions for the president recorded as videos

A week before Mic was scheduled to sit down for an interview with President Obama, Mic put out a call for questions for the president on video. Four days later, the Millennial-focused publication had received questions from 136 people in 26 different countries. Rather than choosing to simply ask for questions via social media, Mic […]

New study on ad blocking says 45 million people in the US use ad blockers

According to a new of ad blockers by Adobe and Dublin startup PageFair, 200 million people worldwide now use ad blockers with 45 million of those in the United States. The report says ad blockers will lead to $22 billion in lost advertising revenue worldwide this year, a 41 percent rise in the last year. […]

Everyone’s paying attention to Snapchat, but Vine might be a sleeping giant

Mobile video is growing quickly, but Vine has been largely overlooked in favor of other apps like Snapchat. But with more than 34.5 million unique visitors in the U.S. across desktop and mobile according to comScore, Vine is reaching roughly the same numbers as Snapchat. Unlike Snapchat, however, Vine does not directly generate revenue and […]

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