The majority of content we consume online will soon be video, Mark Zuckerberg says

During his keynote speech at Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress, Mark Zuckerberg argued that the majority of content we consume online will soon be video, because of the raw, unfiltered view of events that video offers. Zuckerberg said: “Most of the content 10 years ago was text, and then photos, and now it’s quickly becoming videos. […]

After shutting down its website, NowThis reached 1 billion monthly video views on social media

NowThis shut down its website in February 2015, choosing to go all-in on social media. Nearly a year later, NowThis achieved 1 billion video views on social media in January 2016. Managing editor Versha Sharma says that by shutting down its website, NowThis transformed how it looked at telling stories: “It allowed us to go […]

New Yorker stories being recreated for Amazon Prime are a ‘new kind of magazine’

Amazon Prime’s new series “New Yorker Presents” puts New Yorker stories into a new format. Wired’s Julia Greenberg describes each episode of the series as an individual issue of the magazine, brought to life with visuals such as cartoons and documentary shorts. Executive producer of “New Yorker Presents” Kahane Cooperman says: “It’s not a re-creation […]

Facebook Live is available to the masses, but no one is really using it yet

Facebook’s live streaming feature was touted to be a “Periscope killer,” but now that it’s available to the masses, there’s one problem: No one is really using it. Some problems with Facebook Live include the fact that live videos cannot be promoted while they’re happening, only after, making it difficult for a live broadcast to […]

News outlets are learning that vertical video is more effective on mobile, but there’s no consensus on the best way to create it

As mobile continues to grow, news publishers are learning from apps such as Snapchat and Periscope that vertical video is more effective for mobile viewing. But what they’re not sure of is how exactly to create vertical video. Some organizations simply have staff rotate their phones and film the video vertically, but others shoot the […]

Facebook says captions can increase a video’s view time by 12 percent

Facebook’s director of ads product marketing Graham Mudd says 40 percent of Facebook’s video ads do not effectively communicate their message unless sound is turned on. Facebook is trying to fix that by introducing auto-captioning for video ads. Advertisers previously had to embed their own captions or upload caption files, and the automated captions can […]

How Vox is using live video on Facebook for explaining the election

Facebook’s live video feature is still relatively new, and news organizations are still experimenting with the best ways to use it. Vox has broadcasted live videos of Ezra Klein explaining the differences between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton and what it would mean for the U.S. if either are elected. Director of programming Allison Rockey […]

When autoplay video should be used and when it shouldn’t

“Autoplay absolutely makes sense when the consumer mindset is about checking out different things,” says Horizon Media’s SVP and managing director of digital Charlotte Cochrane about autoplay video on Facebook. But in other contexts, Cochrane says autoplay video doesn’t make as much sense: “When it’s distracting the consumer or preventing them from getting the content […]

Facebook says its users watch 100 million hours of video per day

In its quarterly earnings report, Facebook put a number on how big video on the social network really is. Facebook says that 500 million people watch more than 100 million hours of video on Facebook each day. While Facebook’s focus on video isn’t new, that time spent metric is a new one: Facebook previously reported […]

How NPR has formalized its strategy for making Snapchat stories

While Snapchat itself has evolved from a communication tool to a storytelling medium to a distribution platform, NPR’s Vesta Partovi writes about how NPR’s Snapchat strategy has evolved. To produce a Snapchat story today, Partovi says NPR’s social media team is using four key concepts: storyboarding, captioning, collaborating, and engaging. A story is pitched to […]