Don’t expect the Oculus Rift to have a huge impact on journalism just yet

The Oculus Rift virtual reality headset began shipping pre-ordered headsets yesterday, but Joseph Lichterman writes that we shouldn’t expect the Oculus Rift to have a big impact on journalism just yet. While the Oculus Rift is “a solid first step into mainstream VR,” the price point and computing power needed will limit its adoption: The […]

Facebook is adding new daily video metrics for publishers, including a metric that shows how many people watched a video for 10 seconds or longer

You might have heard: Video on Facebook is booming, and Facebook says its users watch 100 million hours of video each day But did you know: Facebook announced Thursday that it’s adding new video metrics for publishers. Previously, publishers could only see metrics such as the number of views and number of unique visitors. The […]

To compete with Periscope, Google may be building a live streaming app for YouTube

Google may be building a live streaming app called YouTube Connect, VentureBeat’s Ken Yeung reports. Expected to be available for both iOS and Android, YouTube Connect would be a direct competitor to Periscope and Facebook Live. YouTube Connect is expected to connect with a user’s existing Google and YouTube accounts, and include chat, tagging and […]

NowThis says by eliminating the need for users to click through to their site, it increased video viewership

NowThis got rid of its website just over a year ago, and says by doing so it has increased the viewership of its videos. Mario Garcia writes that while not all news organizations should simply eliminate their websites and post entirely on social media, they can learn from this as a way to better engage […]

How The Washington Post is using vertical video

Thanks to Snapchat and social media, vertical video has a future, and news organizations are starting to embrace the format. The Washington Post used vertical video to broadcast the recent relocation of its newsroom, and it often posts vertical videos to its Facebook and Twitter pages. The Post also added a “sticky” video player to article […]

Inside The Washington Post’s live streaming strategy for tonight’s Democratic debate

During tonight’s Democratic debate hosted by The Washington Post and Univision News, the Post expects its reporters will live stream on Facebook at least a dozen times. While the debate itself will be streamed on the Post’s website and broadcast on Univision, CNN and Fusion, the Post will use Facebook live streaming for a behind-the-scenes […]

To help get more people using its live streaming service, Facebook may pay celebrities to use it

Facebook is trying to get the masses to use its live streaming service, and it may even pay celebrities to use its streaming service to do so. While this isn’t the first time Facebook has tried to recruit celebrities to use a feature, it is the first time it’s been willing to pay them, Peter […]

How The Boston Globe is covering the 2016 elections with live streaming

In Nieman Lab’s roundup of how news organizations are covering the 2016 elections, Boston Globe social media director Matt Karolian says the Globe is experimenting with live streaming as a way to cover the election. Instead of using a platform such as Periscope or Facebook live video, Karolian says a simple live stream on the […]

USA Today’s FTW is experimenting with Facebook live video because of its authenticity and immediacy

USA Today senior social media editor Hemal Jhaveri says they’re experimenting with Facebook live video because it “rivals the immediacy of television.” For sports site FTW, USA Today is using Facebook live video to give viewers a courtside view of NBA games and to talk to players. Jhaveri says USA Today is choosing to try […]

Tips for establishing a brand on Periscope

Journalists can not only establish a brand for their newsroom on Periscope, Lizzie Jespersen writes, but also a brand for themselves. Jespersen outlines some best practices for establishing a brand for both yourself and your newsroom on Periscope, including starting out with topics you’re already comfortable with, use Periscope as part of your reporting, and […]