Dan Gillmor: We have an obligation to use our cameras to record, even if we may not be a part of what’s happening

Diamond “Lavish” Reynolds’ video about the last minutes of Philando Castile’s life teaches us an important lesson about our responsibilities, Dan Gillmor writes: “We all have an obligation to witness and record some things even if we are not directly part of what’s happening. That’s what two people did as they captured videos of the […]

The problem with Tronc’s video strategy: ‘Churning out content isn’t necessarily a winning strategy’

Tronc is planning to put out 2,000 videos per day, largely through automation. But this strategy isn’t new, Timothy B. Lee writes. Some media companies such as eHow have been churning out text-based articles by the thousands for at least a decade, but when Google’s algorithm learned that people weren’t really interested in these “spammy” […]

BuzzFeed industrialized viral video, but independent YouTubers want to take it back

You might have heard: BuzzFeed “won the Internet” by prioritizing platforms: 27 percent of its traffic is native Facebook video But did you know: BuzzFeed has successfully industrialized the viral video, finding success in distributing video on platforms including Facebook and YouTube. But independent YouTubers who pioneered viral video want to take it back from […]

‘Face it, Facebook. You’re in the news business’

Though Facebook may not want to acknowledge its role in the news universe, it’s still forced to make many of the same decisions that news organizations must make: Questions like “Should a TV network air a terrorist beheading?” have their equivalents on social media. Margaret Sullivan writes: “Yes, social media platforms are businesses. They have […]

Branding videos for tronc look more like something from ‘Adult Swim’ than a legitimate branding video

Videos posted on tronc’s official HR YouTube account look more like something created by the people who directed Adult Swim videos “Too Many Cooks” and “Smart Pipe,” Recode’s Noah Kulwin writes. The videos talk about “content funnels,” “artificial intelligence,” “optimization,” and a host of other buzzwords, with the goal of getting “employees informed and motivated” […]

With the prediction that it will be entirely video in 5 years, Facebook is effectively predicting the end of the written word

You might have heard: Facebook’s vice president for Europe Nicola Mendelsohn predicts that the platform will be “all video” within 5 years (Nieman Lab) But did you know: “Facebook has arguably made us all writers,” Cassie Werber writes, giving millions of people a platform to share their views. But with the prediction from Mendelsohn that […]

The business value of BuzzFeed’s journalism is coming into question, and some say BuzzFeed could curtail news to focus on video and entertainment

You might have heard: BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti says BuzzFeed is in the business of news because “it’s good for the world, it’s good for business, and it’s good for our company culture” But did you know: BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti wrote an essay last summer about why BuzzFeed does news, but some are questioning the […]

85 percent of Facebook videos are watched without sound

According to data from publishers, about 85 percent of video on Facebook is watched without sound. Facebook has built a video system that encourages watching without sound: Videos autoplay in the new feed and are muted by default. But for publishers, that number underscores the importance of creating videos that can be understood without sound, […]

An interview with President Obama was set to be Facebook Live’s biggest event, but technical problems landed it on YouTube

BuzzFeed’s interview with President Obama on Monday afternoon could have been Facebook Live’s biggest event yet. But when the Facebook livestream froze before Obama appeared, BuzzFeed redirected users to YouTube by pasting a link in the comments. The YouTube stream carried on without problems, and the video has already received more than 100,000 views.

The New York Times’ lessons from Facebook Live: Videos don’t need to be tied to a newspaper story and success isn’t necessarily determined by the number of viewers

The New York Times has been broadcasting on Facebook Live for a month now. With a team of six staffers dedicated to Facebook Live, it’s streamed things like a wedding from its Weddings section, an interview with Caitlyn Jenner and a walking tour in Havana. Louise Story, who is leading NYT’s Facebook Live team, shares […]