The relationship between general news habits and trust in the news

The majority of the public follows news and information with great interest and frequency. And trust seems to be an important component related to how much people interact with news in general. Those who get news more frequently are more likely to put a very high value on certain specific factors related to trust, particularly […]

The meaning of trust in news

This study was designed to move beyond traditional conceptions of trust in the news. These general measures of trust have been identified in long‑standing academic research, but leave publishers with little practical guidance on how to make their products more trustworthy or reliable. In order to refine the industry’s understanding of trust and develop actionable […]

A new understanding: What makes people trust and rely on news

This research was conducted by the Media Insight Project — an initiative of the American Press Institute and the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research Introduction For more than a generation, research has tried to identify the qualities that lead people to trust news. The work has concluded that in general people want journalism […]

How people decide what news to trust on digital platforms and social media

Digital formats provide distinctly different opportunities for people to engage with news and information than do traditional print and broadcast media formats. In doing so, they also provide new ways in which consumers can evaluate a news source. In much the way misspellings and grammatical errors do for text, or dead air might in broadcast, […]

How trust can be broken, and the decline of confidence in the press

Research from others has noted that Americans’ trust in the press has been declining, with occasional interruptions, for roughly two decades. This study finds that the majority of Americans, however, cannot recall a specific experience with a news source that made them trust it less. In all, only 4 in 10 recall a specific bad […]

Audiences value trust components differently depending on the news source and topic

This study employs a new approach for understanding trust. Rather than asking people about what makes news trustworthy in the abstract, we ground respondents by asking them 1) to focus on a topic they follow regularly, and, 2) to think about their favorite specific source for news on that topic.1 The findings reveal that when […]

How trust differs across generation, socioeconomics, race and ethnicity, and gender

What it means to trust the news and the reasons people cite for relying on specific news sources differ between generations, socioeconomic groups, racial and ethnic groups, and men and women. Younger and older Americans share similar beliefs generally about what trust in news means to them. However, younger Americans place greater value on other […]

Why trust matters

A fundamental question any research about trust in news must address is whether trust actually matters to audiences and, if so, how. The data here suggest that the specific factors of trust do correlate not only to whether people turn to a particular source but also how much they engage with news in general. People […]