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Are Glenn Greenwald and Bill Keller both wrong about objectivity in journalism?

John Judis adds his thoughts to the ongoing debate on whether journalists should be objective. He highlights the subtle differences between objectivity and impartiality. Judis adds that opinions should be judged by whether they are normative judgments about what ought to be done, or analytical judgments about what is likely to happen, or about what are viable […]

Corrections online: When a tree falls in the forest…

Over the weekend, The New York Times made corrections on a story about the Navy SEALs raid in Somalia without issuing correction notices. Bryan Murley argues that this represents two larger problems for media outlets: pushing out news that is not verified in a breaking news situation and not correcting online stories in a way […]

The danger of journalism that moves too quickly beyond fact

The best thinking about journalism’s future benefits from its being in touch with technology’s potential. But it can get in its own way when it simplifies and repudiates the intelligence of journalism’s past. That is happening, to a degree, in a discussion gaining momentum lately that journalism should now largely move beyond fact gathering and […]

The dangerous delusions of the White House press corps and the president

The White House press corps became a story this week, which is almost always bad news. In a piece entitled “Obama the puppet master,” Politico reported that the Obama Administration had put media manipulation “on steroids.” It was using social media and technology in new ways to bypass the press and target access. By doing so, the […]

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