Google knows what you did last summer: How to use the My Activity page to make it forget

For journalists, the amount of information that Google holds about you presents a risk to your sources, according to Paul Bradshaw. Searches for people, images and video, books and reports that you’ve read, visits to particular locations can all identify individuals. If you’re promising whistleblowers protection, you can delete this information.

The Panama Papers show a shift in mainstream journalism, moving more toward WikiLeaks

The Panama Papers show the “WikiLeaks-ization” of mainstream journalism, Jim Rutenberg writes. That shift is significant, and it’s one that’s changing the course of history, Rutenberg writes, as well as “changing the rules for mainstream journalists in the fierce business of unearthing secrets, and for the government and corporate officials in the fiercer business of […]

Margaret Sullivan: Given the importance of the Sanders story, why weren’t all editing changes made before it was published online?

Writing about a controversial story about Bernie Sanders that was edited after publication, Margaret Sullivan says: “The Sanders article was not a breaking news story, but rather a look back at his legislative record. Given its sensitivity and importance (it ended up on the front page on the morning of major primaries), why didn’t senior […]

New York Times and other news organizations should be more transparent about story changes made after publication, because editing after publication doesn’t build trust

The New York Times has come under criticism lately for editing a story about presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and changing the tone of the story after publication. Those kinds of edits are fairly common, NYT executive editor Dean Baquet said, but Mathew Ingram says news organizations still need to be more forthcoming about the changes […]

An investigative project at the Las Vegas Review-Journal last month may have targeted the judge hearing a suit against new owner’s casino

The Las Vegas Review-Journal continued its coverage of the strange circumstances surrounding its sale to casino owner Sheldon Adelson by publishing a story Friday offering strong evidence that Adelson may already be advancing his agenda at the paper. Three Review-Journal reporters were asked to monitor and gather information on three business court justices, one of whom […]

How more transparent reporting processes can lead to greater community engagement

Josh Stearns writes that transparency can be an important tool within newsrooms to better engage audiences. Greater transparency in the reporting process often leads to more trust from your audience, but can also create more skepticism among readers. However, Stearns says that new technologies demand greater forms of transparency to better document how journalists are […]

Survey: Majority of Americans don’t trust media or advertising

According to a survey commissioned by the American Association of Advertising Agencies, nearly half of Americans don’t trust any news source. Only 10 percent of those surveyed said newspapers practice integrity, with 6 percent for cable news. Advertising and marketing came in dead last with 4 percent saying advertisers and marketers practice integrity, behind both […]

5 ideas from ProPublica for connecting with your community in local journalism

Regardless of the size of your newsroom or your budget, these lessons from ProPublica can help your local journalism have more impact. Have a clear-cut mission, and be transparent with your community about the goals you’re trying to achieve and let them know about your successes. Invite as much participation from your community as possible, […]

What kind of ‘exclusive arrangement’ do some news organizations have on a Hillary Clinton book?

A New York Times article from earlier this week included a sentence that said the NYT, Washington Post and Fox News, among other major news organizations, have “exclusive arrangements” to pursue story lines found in a new book on Hillary Clinton written by Peter Schweizer. After hearing from readers concerned about the connection to the […]

Do scandals really do lasting damage to journalism?

When scandals such as Brian Williams’ fabrications or Rolling Stone’s campus rape story happen, many people are quick to declare the damage done to journalism by these scandals. But after a scandal, news organizations often recover, such as The New Republic after Stephen Glass and The New York Times after Jayson Blair. Co-host of WNYC’s […]