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‘Face it, Facebook. You’re in the news business’

Though Facebook may not want to acknowledge its role in the news universe, it’s still forced to make many of the same decisions that news organizations must make: Questions like “Should a TV network air a terrorist beheading?” have their equivalents on social media. Margaret Sullivan writes: “Yes, social media platforms are businesses. They have […]

Track the deleted tweets of verified Twitter accounts

Similar to what Politwoops does for politicians’ tweets, PostGhost tracks all the deleted tweets of any verified Twitter account with over 10,000 followers and acts as a public archive of those tweets. Whether the verified user deleted a tweet due to a minor typo they simply couldn’t live with, or a statement they came to […]

Publishers should trust Facebook like drivers should trust Uber

Publishers relying on Facebook are starting to look like drivers who keep trusting Uber to make their lives better, writes Sarah Lacy. The aggrieved parties argue that Uber would be nothing without drivers. Many publishers could argue without news and sharing of content that isn’t just your friends’ and family’s baby photos, and Facebook would […]

Social media giants are sabotaging themselves by hurting the “little guy”

Some of the biggest social media platforms — Facebook, SoundCloud and YouTube — are alienating their users by implementing policy changes that generate revenue streams but hurt user experience (for example, YouTube removing content from independent artists), according to John Boitnott. “With so many content creators being left out in the cold as a result […]

Why Facebook is devaluing publishers in the news feed

You might have heard: Facebook is changing the News Feed, so friends and family will rank higher — to the detriment of publishers (Facebook) But did you know: There’s more to be gleaned from Facebook’s statement than that it will hurt publishers. Facebook’s statement reveals how the powerful tech company thinks about its users and its […]

More US readers are ‘socially’ loyal than ‘directly’ loyal, Chartbeat data finds

At this year’s GEN Summit in Austria, Chartbeat presented data on how platforms such as Facebook and Google drive traffic, engagement and reader loyalty. Among Chartbeat’s findings: In May 2016, 50 percent more U.S. readers were “socially” loyal than “directly” loyal. “Socially” loyal readers visit nearly every day from a social media referrer, while a […]

Lessons from BuzzFeed’s Tumblr success: Don’t think of Tumblr as a singular community

“Tumblr can be a very difficult brand to crack,” BuzzFeed’s Tumblr editor Cates Holderness says. “It seems like a very insular community. But personally, it’s my favorite platform. We talk about Tumblr as one community, but it’s really made up of hundreds of thousands of small communities. It provides access to a lot of underrepresented […]

How to use Twitter to measure success on Snapchat

As publishers are trying to figure out the best way to measure how successful their Snapchat photos and videos are, MTV is using Twitter to gauge success on Snapchat. While Snapchat users can see some basic metrics, such as the number of views and the number of screenshots, MTV is using Twitter to measure how […]

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