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Facebook has devoted $2.2 million to pay Internet celebrities to use Facebook Live

Last month, the WSJ reported that Facebook is paying 140 media companies as much as $3 million to create live streams on the platform, with the bulk of the money going to bigger media companies such as BuzzFeed. Now, it’s reporting that Facebook has devoted $2.2 million to paying Internet celebrities from other platforms such […]

The risks and rewards of live-tweeting news: There’s limited context and fact-checking, but it can also deliver huge value for followers

News organizations often lean on live-tweeting as an easy way to cover breaking news as it’s happening. But live-tweeting comes with its risks that news organizations need to consider more carefully, Ian Lamont writes. The brevity and immediacy of Twitter means that there’s limited context, but it’s also easy for false or exaggerated information to […]

Live video is taking center stage in RNC coverage

There’s no shortage of live video from this week’s Republican National Convention, Sahil Patel writes. Social networks including Facebook and Twitter are airing speeches in full, while news outlets are devoting their own resources to live coverage of the convention. CNN plans to go live at least once or twice during lunchtime at the convention, […]

‘What YouTube taught me about Facebook Live and violent footage’

While working for YouTube, Hunter Walk says protests in the Middle East and eventually Arab Spring forced YouTube to think about questions of “newsworthiness” for content that would otherwise violate YouTube’s terms of use — a situation similar to the one Facebook is facing around live video right now. Walk writes YouTube eventually decided human […]

The Wall Street Journal isn’t striking any deals with Facebook because it doesn’t believe ‘panic and pandering is a strategy’

You might have heard: Publishers are increasingly partnering with Facebook for ventures such as Instant Articles and live video, but those partnerships come with considerable risks But did you know: In contrast to other news outlets, The Wall Street Journal appears to be more cautious when it comes to partnerships with Facebook. It hasn’t made […]

Publishers believe they could lose 5 to 10 percent of Facebook referrals from the latest algorithm changes

You might have heard: Last week, Facebook announced it would tweak its algorithm to prioritize posts from friends and family over posts from publishers But did you know: Most publishers say it’s too early to discern the effects of Facebook’s most recent algorithm change prioritizing friends and family over publishers’ posts. However, Ken Doctor reports […]

Sky News on the value of Facebook Live: It lets us meaningfully engage with our readers

Sky News’ audience development editor Richard Evans says Facebook Live not only allows Sky News to bring its journalism to a new platform, but also offers a new way to interact with its readers: “Our journalists and correspondents are able, really for the first meaningful time, to engage directly with their viewers in real time.” […]

Why Twitter isn’t likely to get an edit button: It wouldn’t attract new Twitter users

The addition of an edit button on Twitter would solve a lot of the platform’s problems, Will Oremus writes. If a tweet ends up being inaccurate or unclear now, the original tweet is often deleted, but that’s a flawed solution, because the tweet simply disappears, often without explanation. Twitter’s Kevin Weil has said that an […]

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