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85 percent of Facebook videos are watched without sound

According to data from publishers, about 85 percent of video on Facebook is watched without sound. Facebook has built a video system that encourages watching without sound: Videos autoplay in the new feed and are muted by default. But for publishers, that number underscores the importance of creating videos that can be understood without sound, […]

Twitter will stop counting links and photos in its 140-character limit

Twitter is making a major change to how it counts characters and giving users more space and flexibility in their tweets. Within the next two weeks, links and photos will no longer be counted in the 140-character limit, Bloomberg reports. Even after links are shortened by Twitter, a single link takes up 23 characters in […]

Is Facebook’s filtering any better or worse than our own filtering of what we choose to read?

“Here’s the question we should be asking about ‘bias’ in Facebook’s news feed,” The Wall Street Journal’s Chris Mims writes. “Is it substantially worse than in the heyday of newspapers and magazines, when readers in major cities could choose to get their news from among a dozen or more publications tailored to their biases? … […]

An interview with President Obama was set to be Facebook Live’s biggest event, but technical problems landed it on YouTube

BuzzFeed’s interview with President Obama on Monday afternoon could have been Facebook Live’s biggest event yet. But when the Facebook livestream froze before Obama appeared, BuzzFeed redirected users to YouTube by pasting a link in the comments. The YouTube stream carried on without problems, and the video has already received more than 100,000 views.

How are people using Facebook Reactions on publisher pages?

Facebook Reactions allow readers to add “reactions” to Facebook posts beyond just a like or a comment. NewsWhip takes a look at how people are using Reactions on 20 publishers’ pages, finding that the use of Reactions is relatively low compared to likes/shares. In NewsWhip’s data, Reactions typically accounted for between 10 and 15 percent […]

Mark Zuckerberg is hosting a summit for conservative leaders on Wednesday

About a dozen conservative leaders are headed to Facebook on Wednesday, including Glenn Beck and Dana Perino. After Gizmodo reported that some of Facebook’s news curators suppressed conservative news, Mark Zuckerberg said last week that he would meet with conservatives and people across the political spectrum to discuss it. Beck says that Zuckerberg will be […]

Facebook influences the news feed by rewarding publishers that publish what it wants to see

In the story about Facebook news curators suppressing conservative news, Recode’s Peter Kafka writes that many people are missing the real story about how Facebook influences what stories you see: Facebook has very specific ideas about what kinds of stories it wants in the news feed, and it rewards the publishers that publish those kinds […]

The US Senate Commerce Committee is launching an inquiry into Facebook’s news curation

You might have heard: Former Facebook news curators say they regularly suppressed conservative news from the site’s trending news section But did you know: After Gizmodo reported that former Facebook news curators said they suppressed conservative news from the site’s trending news section, the U.S. Senate Commerce Committee sent a letter to Mark Zuckerberg, requesting […]

The New York Times’ lessons from Facebook Live: Videos don’t need to be tied to a newspaper story and success isn’t necessarily determined by the number of viewers

The New York Times has been broadcasting on Facebook Live for a month now. With a team of six staffers dedicated to Facebook Live, it’s streamed things like a wedding from its Weddings section, an interview with Caitlyn Jenner and a walking tour in Havana. Louise Story, who is leading NYT’s Facebook Live team, shares […]

Media companies who want to join Snapchat Discover must be prepared to pay

For a publisher to be on Snapchat Discover, they need to be prepared to pay Snapchat for the opportunity, The Information’s Tom Dothan writes. While the terms may vary, all publishers have agreed to give Snapchat a cut of their ad revenue, which is usually 30 percent. But some publishers’ agreements with Snapchat include a […]

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