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Why Facebook is devaluing publishers in the news feed

You might have heard: Facebook is changing the News Feed, so friends and family will rank higher — to the detriment of publishers (Facebook) But did you know: There’s more to be gleaned from Facebook’s statement than that it will hurt publishers. Facebook’s statement reveals how the powerful tech company thinks about its users and its […]

More US readers are ‘socially’ loyal than ‘directly’ loyal, Chartbeat data finds

At this year’s GEN Summit in Austria, Chartbeat presented data on how platforms such as Facebook and Google drive traffic, engagement and reader loyalty. Among Chartbeat’s findings: In May 2016, 50 percent more U.S. readers were “socially” loyal than “directly” loyal. “Socially” loyal readers visit nearly every day from a social media referrer, while a […]

Lessons from BuzzFeed’s Tumblr success: Don’t think of Tumblr as a singular community

“Tumblr can be a very difficult brand to crack,” BuzzFeed’s Tumblr editor Cates Holderness says. “It seems like a very insular community. But personally, it’s my favorite platform. We talk about Tumblr as one community, but it’s really made up of hundreds of thousands of small communities. It provides access to a lot of underrepresented […]

How to use Twitter to measure success on Snapchat

As publishers are trying to figure out the best way to measure how successful their Snapchat photos and videos are, MTV is using Twitter to gauge success on Snapchat. While Snapchat users can see some basic metrics, such as the number of views and the number of screenshots, MTV is using Twitter to measure how […]

How The Washington Post plans and prepares its Snapchat stories

Snapchat can be a great way to tell a story while it’s happening, but that doesn’t mean news organizations can forgo preparation. This week, The Washington Post is sharing what it’s like to ride on public transportation around the world as part of its coverage of repairs to the Washington, D.C., Metro system. Before starting […]

Effective social media is more about a two-way street of engagement than just posting good content

Many news organizations, brands and individuals are all missing the mark when it comes to social media, Andrew Pelletier writes. While a lot of social media discussion focuses in on the content itself, Pelletier says engagement is even more important. Pelletier outlines four things influential social media accounts are doing, including how they respond to […]

Facebook says its investigation found no systematic bias in the trending news section, but it can’t rule out unintentional bias

You might have heard: The US Senate Commerce Committee has launched an inquiry into Facebook’s news curation after former news curators said they regularly suppressed conservative news from the site’s trending news section But did you know: Responding to Sen. John Thune’s letter on its trending news section, Facebook says its own investigation found no systematic […]

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