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Just three days after removing human editors, Facebook’s trending news section included a fake story about Megyn Kelly getting fired from Fox News

On Friday, Facebook announced that it would no longer employ human editors for its trending news section; on Monday, Facebook’s trending news section included a fake news story claiming Megyn Kelly was fired from Fox News. The story about Kelly occupied the top spot on Facebook’s trending news section, a spot that supposed to include […]

Trying to get rid of human bias in its trending topics, Facebook will no longer employ humans to write descriptions for the section

You might have heard: Former Facebook news curators told Gizmodo they regularly suppressed conservative news from the site’s trending news section, butFacebook says it found no systematic bias in its own investigation But did you know: Facebook will no longer employ humans to write the descriptions for its trending topics section, and has laid off […] will suspend its operations on Aug. 31

You might have heard: False information overpowers efforts to correct it by a ratio of about 3 to 1, and social media verification is increasingly important in correcting misperceptions But did you know:, which focuses on social media reporting and verification, announced on Monday that it will suspend its operations at the end of the […]

News publishers have placed too much faith in Facebook’s ability to monetize content

Few publishers seem happy with Facebook’s recent algorithm changes, Frederic Filloux writes, but there’s not much they can do because many publishers have put too much faith in Facebook. News companies started to believe they were as indispensable to Facebook as Facebook was to them, but Facebook’s de-prioritization of news in its feed shows that’s […]

Facebook has devoted $2.2 million to pay Internet celebrities to use Facebook Live

Last month, the WSJ reported that Facebook is paying 140 media companies as much as $3 million to create live streams on the platform, with the bulk of the money going to bigger media companies such as BuzzFeed. Now, it’s reporting that Facebook has devoted $2.2 million to paying Internet celebrities from other platforms such […]

The risks and rewards of live-tweeting news: There’s limited context and fact-checking, but it can also deliver huge value for followers

News organizations often lean on live-tweeting as an easy way to cover breaking news as it’s happening. But live-tweeting comes with its risks that news organizations need to consider more carefully, Ian Lamont writes. The brevity and immediacy of Twitter means that there’s limited context, but it’s also easy for false or exaggerated information to […]

Live video is taking center stage in RNC coverage

There’s no shortage of live video from this week’s Republican National Convention, Sahil Patel writes. Social networks including Facebook and Twitter are airing speeches in full, while news outlets are devoting their own resources to live coverage of the convention. CNN plans to go live at least once or twice during lunchtime at the convention, […]

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