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Product management (Page 9)

A framework on how to position your new business or product

Similar to how a journalist writes a budget line for a news story, a positioning statement for a product is a sentence or two that clearly defines the problem you’re setting out to solve and why your solution is compelling. While the statement is for internal purposes, it can help guide how you align teams, […]

Inside Scripps’ entrepreneurial research and development team

E.W. Scripps CEO Rich Boehne says he’s “never seen real R&D units work,” so he is making sure entrepreneurial research and development at Scripps is integrated throughout the company by creating the Digital Solutions Group, which is tasked with aggressively developing new business lines. Michael Depp takes a look at the five-person team, which works […]

How to know your users and build just what they need

Kio Stark chronicles a participatory SRCCON conference session on human-driven design, which broke down the design process behind Census Reporter (a tool for journalists to use U.S. Census data) and outlined principles that helped keep focus over 15 months. Most work came early, according to Ryan Pitts, “You don’t build features, you’re actually solving problems. […]

Putting thought into things requires putting things into thought

“When building knowledge systems, avoiding thought is a common mistake, and it is programmed failure,” writes Oliver Reichenstein. “Design has little to do with solving a Rubik’s Cube — we don’t work on predefined puzzles.” Reichenstein offers a series of reflections for abstract pieces of the creative process and project management, including quality, thought, listening, […]

Pay attention to your ‘extreme consumers’

By investigating what extreme adherents of a brand like about a product, product designers can identify features to emphasize for all consumers. “A lover of a product can help identify aspects that are providing value, helping managers understand what’s working and what’s not,” says Michael Norton, professor of marketing at HBS. At the same time, […]

Lessons from building and closing The Morning Memo, a daily email newsletter

The Morning Memo ended on Monday after a six-month run. Siraj Datoo, political reporter at BuzzFeed UK, started the daily email newsletter for a mobile-first audience interested in news about technology, science, business and the UK. Datoo shares key takeaways from the experiment, including why it’s important to obsess over the data, change things, rinse and repeat, […]

How to prioritize devices and browsers when testing responsive web design

Before responsive web design, we had to test five web browsers on a desktop computer. Now with responsive web design, we have at least 15 browsers working on a myriad of different-sized devices, with many different input types, multiple pixel resolutions and hugely varying connection speeds. Tom Maslen, a developer working on the BBC News’ […]

A story about building something cool over a weekend

Nathan Bradshaw shares how he helped build Product Hunt, a site that looks similar to Reddit, where users can up-vote new products and apps and is used by some of the top venture capitalist firms and entrepreneurs. + Death of the time stamp: Medium, Slingshot & the movement away from RIGHT NOW (Hunter Walk)

Vox Media’s Jim Bankoff continues to acquihire everything under the sun, betting on the importance of tech in a media company

You might have heard: The product team from Editorially, a web-based collaborative writing and editing tool that closed earlier this year, joins Vox Media to strengthen its underlying tech platform and CMS (Editorially) But did you know: “When I heard a few days ago that Bankoff had a new acquihire to tell me about I racked my brain […]

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