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13 ways designers screw up client presentations

Useful tips that are applicable to any presentation where you were hired to complete a project. The first tip is to stop seeing the client as someone you have to please. “Never conflate helping the client achieve their goal with making them happy,“ writes Mike Monteiro. Another useful tip is to not react to questions […]

Why companies need full-time product managers (and what they do all day)

“The only thing that matters is getting to product-market fit. Product-market fit means being in a good market with a product that can satisfy that market,” writes Rian van der Merwe citing Marc Andreessen. Even though Andreessen wrote this for startups, the importance of that last sentence about product-market fit holds truth for every organization […]

Learn how to start a startup, for free, from some of the world experts

Sam Altman of Y Combinator is teaching a class at Stanford designed to be “a sort of one-class business course for people who want to start startups.” They’ll cover how to come up with ideas and evaluate them, how to get users and grow, how to do sales and marketing, how to hire, how to […]

How you get people to trust your product

Most new tech companies depend upon consumer trust. People wouldn’t get into an Uber, list their home on Airbnb, or even buy shoes on Zappos if they didn’t trust those companies to deliver a high quality, secure service. UrbanSitter sets the bar higher: It connects families with babysitters on the internet. CEO Lynn Perkins shares […]

Seeking the ‘Aha!’ moment for product growth

The “aha!” moment is the moment when a customer truly recognizes the value of a product. Bryan Landers gives an example of the iOS email app Mailbox’s “perfectly orchestrated” moment and shares how to find that emotion if you’re still developing your product or already have a product. + Q&A with Jeff Burkett, senior director […]

Organize your technology team to balance three dimensions: Products, partnerships and professions

Rajiv Pant, chief technology officer and vice president at The New York Times, writes about balancing the various interests involved in producing technology at large organizations, including news publishers. There are a generally a few models: organizing by small product-focused teams, organizing by partners, customers, and stakeholders, and organizing by professions. Pant offers a “a […]

The promoting of a ‘business-side’ executive to assistant managing editor is an unusual hire, for uncommon times

You might have heard: The newest important person in newsrooms: audience-development czars (Digiday) and The New York Times named Alexandra MacCallum to assistant managing editor to focus on outreach (New York Times) But did you know: “One of the places where change is visible, and symbolically important, is the The New York Times masthead,” writes […]

What 22 billion newsletters tell us about designing for mobile email

A useful guide to help designers and product managers think about what works and what doesn’t in email newsletters, including which email clients and platforms to support, whether responsive design matters for email, and what to prioritize in an email newsletter project. + #ACESchat: Tips for freelancers (Storify); How can online research tools aid the […]

Why being a good manager can make you a bad innovator

Two professors at BYU, Jeff Dyer and Nathan Furr, explain why skills learned in business school, such as planning, analyzing and optimizing, which are critical to scaling and managing an existing business, aren’t sufficient for startups. What isn’t taught in business school is how to create a customer, not sustain a customer, and figuring out […]

How The BBC prototyped a way to detect TV highlights based on viewing behavior

Denise Bland and Thomas Parisot of the BBC R&D team share how the took the idea to surface short and meaningful parts of a piece of a TV program in their new Highlights project. They talk about how that involved determining what were key moments, how to build a minimum viable product using sports programs, […]

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