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Facebook’s director of product design: ‘For everything we build, we like to ask ourselves what problem we’re solving, and who we’re solving it for.’

Julie Zhuo, director of product design at Facebook, whose team works on designing News Feed, the content ecosystem, Facebook’s core experiences and patterns across different platforms, participates in a Reddit Ask Me Anything and answers questions on the the tech and design industry, the role of data in design, and Facebook’s approach to product design. […]

Google’s product strategy: Make two of everything

“It’s almost like every product category is just a big A/B experiment for Google,” writes Ron Amadeo in this piece about how Google constantly duplicates products as it tries to disrupt itself. “As Google’s search engine constantly gathers data from the Web to learn and improve, Google the company works much the same way. It […]

8 things I learned in moving from news to product

“A little more than a year ago, I left the relatively comfortable confines of journalism — a place, squarely on one side of the church-state divide, where I’d spent nearly my entire career — for the strange new world of product management. I wanted to help my news organization make better digital products that would, […]

Building collaboration, technology and products at Vox Media: Q&A with Jim Bankoff

Jim Bankoff talks about the roles of product management in Vox Media’s journalism: “Product is foundational to everything that we’re doing, and it’s not just about the 1s and 0s of the code that we create. It’s about design as well. But it’s more fundamentally about the culture that we’re creating — understanding that the […]

How to overcome bias in usability testing with collaborative user testing

Alla Kholmatova reviews a study that showed that in various usability tests different evaluators identified different problems and assigned different levels of severity to them. She concludes that the role of evaluator is more important than previously acknowledged. Kholmatova writes that bias is unavoidable but shares some tips on how to safeguard against it in […]

Enough with the manifestos about the future of news, let your product do the talking

David Cohn argues that while manifestos may be cathartic press critiques, the best products are “applied critiques of the news process.” For example, Spot.Us was a critique on the flow of money in journalism and sought to make it more transparent and participatory, and Circa is a critique of the “article” as the most common/base […]

Successful digital news leaders understand the connection between these 4 things

“What the leaders in digital news understand is that success depends on the connection between mobile, social, design, workflow and CMS,” writes Paul Williams. “If any one of those is out of alignment with the rest, you’re limiting your ability to grow your audience.” He adds, “Publishers and editors who understand, on a fundamental level, […]

Products that build relationships are the key to media success

David Cohn writes that now that product is being discussed in communities, key to that is questions of how the product builds a relationship and engagement between content and readers. In the past there were subscriptions for loose relationships and advertising for transactional strong relationships. Today there are many products. “All news brands look the […]

A guide to a minimum viable product with examples

“This Minimum Viable Product guide will be useful if you want to build a web product your early adopters will love,” writes David Narsavidze. He offers helpful definitions and splits the guide into two parts, discussing things that are better done before building the MVP like understanding your customers problems. Then, he discusses how to […]

Why one-on-one interviews are better than focus groups

“A focus group is an artificial construct that is so much about the group dynamic,” writes Erika Hall. “Unless you are designing something for use in a focus group, focus groups are absolutely meaningless as an ethnographic research tool.” Instead, she suggests that user research be ethnographic — that is something that tells you how […]

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