Product management

Should journalists and coders sit near one another in the newsroom? Maybe, but maybe not

Charles Arthur’s suggestion that journalists and coders shouldn’t necessarily sit next to one another in the newsroom drew strong reactions, which he has compiled and responded to in a Storify. Arthur, who was previously The Guardian’s technology editor, clarifies that what he meant is that by having journalists and coders near one another, great things […]

Why better products start with trust for your customers

When designers start working on new products, they often assume that they know better what needs to be created than the client they’re working with. But making better products also starts with trusting the people you’re creating the product for. Listen to their needs and involve them in the process, making their priorities yours as […]

How to gather feedback, measure, and iterate

The final step in successful innovation involves gathering feedback, measuring it, and using that to direct how you change and evolve your approach and/or product. This process ensures that projects, products and initiatives proceed based on data and user behavior and feedback. Develop iteratively Kareem Amin, the head of product at News Corp, is working […]

Why you should bring editors and the business side into product testing

In user testing at The Guardian, Cantlin Ashrowan says content was inseparable from the experience for users, with most people talking more about the content than what was being tested. This wasn’t a reflection of how the testing was run or how people were talking, Ashrowan says, but rather a problem in how newsrooms think […]

Why native mobile apps are even more important after Google’s algorithm changes

Google’s new mobile-friendly algorithm now enables Google to index some Android apps in the same way that it does websites. Before, a Google search could send someone to a mobile app, but not to a specific piece of content within it. Now, Google will have indexed information from native mobile apps that will be featured […]

Strategies from Vox Media for using visuals on social media

Across the brands at Vox Media, the engagement editors have all taken a slightly different approach to publishing images and video on social media to drive engagement. Each editor has honed in on their brand’s voice, so the straightforward voice of Vox on Twitter is the opposite of SB Nation’s informal and enthusiastic voice. The […]

The Atlantic’s redesign takes out the visual noise for a magazine-style experience

The redesign of The Atlantic’s website launched quietly on Tuesday night, with the goal of offering a cleaner reading experience. The reading experience more closely mimics a print magazine, something Joshua Benton says makes the content feel less newsy. The new homepage also shows less content than the old one, possibly a reflection of The […]

How to attract early users for a product like an entrepreneur

When launching a new product, attracting users can be challenging. Entrepreneurs say finding those early adopters takes a lot of work and a little luck, but a few key tips can help a new product gain traction. Act like your product already has tons of users and people will be missing out if they don’t […]

What you can learn from products that were sent to market too soon

Releasing a new product is just as much about making sure your product is ready as it is making sure the market is ready for your product. Entrepreneurs share what you can learn from nine good products that failed because they were sent out before the market was ready. On Friendster, which came out in […]

Push your product, not the promotion

Writing “30% off” in large letters works in brick-and-mortar stores, but not as well on the web and in email messaging. Instead, make the offering the main focus and the price markdown just a component of your promotion rather than the whole. The author outlines successful marketing from Apple and others who promote the product […]