Product management

Why the White House hired a director of product: To make talking to the government as easy as talking to your friends on social media

The White House just hired Josh Miller as its first director of product. Miller will oversee the White House’s digital products, which range from to petition site We The People. Miller describes the role he’ll be taking on as an opportunity for “your government [to have] a conversation with you instead of just talking […]

How The New York Times gets a 70 percent open rate on its newsletters by evaluating what its readers are interested in

With more and more newsletters available, The New York Times is taking a closer look at what their readers are looking for in NYT’s newsletters. NYT executive director of product Dork Alahydoian says they’re taking two approaches: the first goes beyond traditional sections to make newsletters around broad lifestyles and themes, and the second is […]

Embracing the rise of mobile video, Mashable uses vertical video to visit the creator of the cronut

Mashable published its first story to use vertical video on Monday, visiting the creator of the cronut. Mashable developed the capability for a vertical video player through an in-house production team and Adweek reports it’s the first to have such a player. Mashable’s VP of product management Darren Tome says: “Phones are the dominant device […]

How The Washington Post cut its page load time by 85 percent

Some news sites have problems with poor page load times, but The Washington Post was able to cut its page load time by 85 percent by eliminating redundancies and features readers weren’t using. The site’s navigation was particularly weighty, and its features were pared down. However, advertisements are part of publishers’ page load problem, evidenced […]

One year after the spin-off, 7 ways Time Inc. is now investing in digital

A year after the spin-off from its parent company Time Warner, the print outlook has dimmed for Time Inc., but it’s making investments in digital. New digital-only titles have been launched, such as home decor site The Snug and beauty site Mimi, and it’s introducing paywalls to existing titles like Entertainment Weekly. But in efforts […]

Quartz’s lessons from its first two years of Chartbuilder: It’s been a successful platform to teach reporters new skills

Two years after the release of its open-source charting tool Chartbuilder, Quartz shares the lessons its team has learned from maintaining and using the software. The idea has caught on with other news organizations, with NYT, Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg building their own custom software, and NPR, CNBC and The New Yorker creating customized […]

How analytics should influence your smartphone app creation

When developing an app strategy, Sarah Riley says the best apps are ones that are based on analytics to cater to the audience’s needs and wants. Riley recommends using metrics to determine what challenge or opportunity you’ll be filling with the app, and determine which metrics will best serve you as you develop the product. […]

Instead of only thinking ‘content is king,’ Raju Narisetti says newsrooms should focus on user experiences

The ‘content is king’ mindset can be a harmful one in newsrooms, according to News Corp SVP of Strategy Raju Narisetti. Narisetti says that focus has blinded newsrooms and made them unable to focus on packaging content in a way that is beneficial for the user. Narisetti says: “It is my job as a journalist […]

Why you shouldn’t design products for ‘the Millennials’

While everyone is trying to tap into the Millennial market, Timothy Morey and Allison Schoop say products shouldn’t be designed with that whole generation in mind. A study completed by Morey and Schoop suggests that when companies design with a generation in mind, “the outcomes are either meaningless or potentially damaging.” Morey and Schoop write: […]

What Vox learned when reporters, developers and designers worked together in the newsroom

By putting journalists, platform engineers, and designers together during a “hack week,” support manager Elite Truong says Vox learned important lessons about how to get everyone working together more often and more efficiently. While Truong says they learned that the jobs on both teams are complicated, she says they also learned that the workflows aren’t […]