Product management

Making the leap from editorial to product thinking

Many of the people performing product management roles in news organizations have moved over from traditional editorial roles. That shift requires some changes in mindset and work habits, as they find producing daily news content is a quite different responsibility from managing the long-term growth and usability of the product. Several of the people at […]

How to hire effective product managers for a news organization

Whether your news organization is looking to create its first product management role, or add to an existing product team, finding and recruiting the right person can be difficult. For one, it is a field like developers that is in high demand, including from technology startups and large corporations who may offer a higher salary […]

How to do good user testing and get feedback on products

Eric Ulken, executive director of digital strategy at the Philadelphia Media Network, says they see product managers as the “voice of the user.” Everyone inside your organization can speak for themselves — advocating for what editorial, business, marketing or other departments want in a product. But users aren’t in those meetings, and a good product […]

How product managers should work with their bosses and colleagues

Everyone in your organization plays some key role in making your products great. The product manager is there to guide, facilitate, and advocate — but not to do it alone. The participants at our summit had a lot of good advice about how to work with senior managers and colleagues in the process of making […]

How to integrate product management in your organization

Particularly for “legacy” news organizations, like newspapers, that have evolved and calcified an organizational structure from an earlier era, it can be challenging to find the right fit for product management. Product people cross a lot of traditional silos — their responsibilities involve editorial strategy, business and revenue success, marketing and subscriptions, and technology. In […]

Best practices for product management in news organizations

News is a product. Conceptually, that is a leap for people from traditional reporting and editing roles. We are used to buying “products” in stores or online. We hear tech people describe a new app or service as a “product.” And all that makes sense. But we traditionally did not think of news that way. […]

When designing a new product, use ‘product thinking’ to determine whether the user experience is worth using

Designers need to think about products first, because features can’t live without products, Nikkel Blaase writes: For example, Uber’s countdown to when your car will arrive enhances the user experience, but it can’t live without the core product of getting you a ride. To get started with this kind of “product thinking,” define the problem […]

Why publishers may not think of website speed as a priority: If the readers enjoys what they get in the end, will they remember the long load time?

In his explanation of how Facebook’s Instant Articles is already changing how he uses the Internet, The Atlantic’s Robinson Meyer has an interesting explanation for why publishers may have been skeptical of Facebook’s insistence that Instant Articles is necessary: “Even if [publishers] think of website speed as a responsibility, it’s not a core concern. Telling […]

Sharing articles via text message goes largely ignored, but it’s a big traffic driver for publishers

Among the sharing options of Facebook, Twitter and text message, Joshua Benton writes that conventional wisdom would say that Facebook is the most popular, followed by Twitter. However, publishers such as BuzzFeed News are seeing the opposite: In BuzzFeed News’ app, sharing via SMS is a more popular action that sharing via Facebook or Twitter. […]

Google launches a fund to support European publishers’ digital news products

As part of its Digital News Initiative, Google announced a €150 million (about $167 million) fund to support European publishers’ digital news products. Google says €50 million will be awarded annually over the next three years, and the grants will come with “no strings attached” and without any requirements to use Google products. Google has […]