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Egypt arrests 4 Al Jazeera English journalists

Egyptian authorities arrested a team of journalists from the news channel Al Jazeera English on Sunday, accusing them of broadcasting “false news.” Al Jazeera English demanded the release of its employees and called their arrest part of a pattern of “harassment by Egyptian security forces which has arrested our colleagues, confiscated our equipment and raided […]

Four encryption tools for journalists

The Freedom of the Press Foundation recently announced a crowdfunded campaign to improve the development of open-source encryption tools to aid journalists in their communication with sources. The tools include: The Tor Project, which is used to anonymize web browsing and location; operating system Tails; RedPhone and TextSecure, the encrypted phone and texting apps; and […]

211 journalists in world’s jails in 2013, with three countries holding most

This year had the second-highest total since the Committee to Protect Journalists began its report 17 years ago — the record high was 232 in 2012. Turkey was the top jailer of journalists, followed closely by Iran and China. Together, the three countries accounted for more than half of all journalists imprisoned. You can view the entire […]

New York affirms the protection of confidential sources

You might have heard: Appeals court rules that Fox News reporter Jana Winter will not be required to testify and reveal her sources in the case of Aurora, Colo., shooter (NYU Local) But did you know: Following the Aurora movie theatre shooting, Jana Winter published an article online with the headline “Exclusive: Movie Massacre Suspect Sent Chilling Notebook […]

Putin “liquidates” leading news agency without notice

Russian news agency RIA-Novosti was dissolved without notice via a decree posted on the Kremlin’s website. The news agency is due to be shut down within three months, replaced by something called “Russia Today,” not to be confused with the Kremlin’s English-language TV channel of the same name.

In Beijing and Britain, freedom of press is muffled

You might have heard: Vice President Biden spoke up on behalf of foreign correspondents during his trip to China (New York Times) But did you know: David Carr recounts both Vice President Biden’s speech in China and Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger’s testimony before a parliamentary committee about the newspaper’s coverage of the Snowden leaks. “As Mr. Biden — […]

Kenya journalists protest media bill

About 300 journalists and civil rights activists marched to demand changes to the Kenya Information and Communication Amendment bill. The bill creates a government tribunal that can fine journalists up to $5,500 (converted to US dollars) and media companies around $230,000 if the tribunal finds them guilty of breaching a code of conduct that stipulates […]

The New York Times gets around censors in China with its T Magazine

After China’s government blocked access to the newspaper’s main site last year following its reporting on the wealth of the family of current President Xi Jinping, the Times created a Chinese-language T Magazine site, based on the Times’ style magazine. The content mostly focuses on style and culture and avoids politics, foreign policy or business […]

Navigating the constraints on reporting from China

Didi Kirsten Tatlow takes a look at how journalists are covering China, as they mull a core question, “How do journalists stay in this rising power, the world’s second-biggest economy, and report great stories without being kicked out?” Some overseas journalists who have probed too deeply or whose employers anger the state may be expelled […]

In Burma, a short reprieve expected for newspapers

A brief recap of the media in the country following recent eases on press restrictions. Earlier this year, the government granted the first licenses to private daily newspapers in decades and the weekly journal market is thriving. “In Burma, publishers can survive for longer than in other regional countries because the newspaper market is still […]

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