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After publishing an editorial in response to FIFA scandal, Cayman Islands newspaper publishers forced to flee

When the Cayman Compass published an editorial in response to the FIFA scandals saying the Cayman Islands are “culturally steeped” in corruption, it caught the attention of prominent politician Alden McLaughlin. The daily newspaper’s publishers David and Vicki Legge have now had to seek refuge in Florida, and they’re not sure when or if they’ll […]

Report find press freedom is at a 10-year low

In its 35th annual Freedom of the Press Report, Freedom House found that press freedom has declined over the past decade to its lowest point in more than 10 years. The report found that only 14 percent of the world lives in a country with a free press, meaning 1 in 7 people live somewhere […]

In the move to private platforms, journalists can lose their rights

When you post a piece of audio to SoundCloud, you’re giving up your right to fair use under U.S. copyright law, Adam Ragusea says. Even if you have a valid fair use claim, if a piece of audio contains copyrighted material, SoundCloud may take it down at any time, an important consideration as other platforms […]

Mexican journalist advocates for colleagues endangered while exposing corruption

Lydia Cacho was arrested a decade ago for writing a book that revealed a sex trafficking ring with connections to powerful people in Mexico. Now she is rallying support for other journalists endangered while reporting in Mexico. Last month, a Mexican broadcaster was fired after reporting that the wife of Mexico’s president acquired a large […]

How The New York Times is evading censors in China

The New York Times’ website has been blocked in China since 2012, but it has continued to quietly pursue strategies to reach readers there. News outlets, including the Times, have hired Chinese translators and journalists and marketed its websites to local readers and advertisers in recent years, but most websites are still blocked by China’s […]

Could a ‘Journalist Rescue Fund’ take threatened reporters out of harm’s way?

Raju Narisetti suggests creating a Journalist Rescue Fund modeled after a program for protecting scholars threatened by their regimes, Scholar Rescue Fund. The Fund “would be at the heart of deeply held beliefs about free markets and free societies, the value of a free press, and the growing role of technology in furthering journalism communities […]

Ken Doctor on how to help the challenged cause of press freedom worldwide

“As we approach 2015, there’s a big chill bearing down on almost every continent. The press — weakened by its own business bad fortunes — is seeing an unprecedented level of challenge,” writes Doctor. “It’s not just the numbers that tell the story here. The pressures on journalists have multiplied, with the digital revolution creating […]

Meduza: can a startup news outlet offer hope to Russian independent media?

“The news returns.” This is the tag line for the just-launched Meduza Project, a new Russian-language independent media organisation based in Latvia. Meduza is run by a team of around 20 journalists and will aggregate news from Russian-language media as well as producing its own content and will publish on an app as well as […]

Why it’s getting harder to report on Syria

“There has never been a more important, or a more difficult time to report on Syria,” writes Jared Malsin. However, rebel-held Syria is increasingly dangerous and risky territory for foreign journalists and the Syrian state is moving to restrict access to what used to be the only other way into the country — a visa […]

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