Press freedom

New York Times printers in Pakistan remove article on ‘brutal killings of secular bloggers’

The front page and page two of The New York Times’ international edition in Pakistan were blank on Sunday after printers there removed an article. The article, headlined “The imperilled bloggers of Bangladesh,” covered the attacks and murders of a group of Bengali bloggers who support gender equality and human rights. The New York Times’ […]

While the number of imprisoned journalists worldwide is declining, the number of journalists behind bars in China, Turkey and Egypt is rising dramatically

In its latest survey, the Committee to Protect Journalists identified 199 journalists in prison in 28 countries in 2015, down from 221 in 2014. But while the number of imprisoned journalists worldwide is declining, a few countries are detaining journalists are higher rates: 23 journalists are imprisoned in Egypt; up from 12 a year ago […]

Pakistani security officials attempt to damper reporting on background of San Bernardino shooter

Security forces in Pakistan are attempting to stop reporting on the background of San Bernardino shooter Tashfeen Malik. Professors at the university Malik attended say they were advised not to talk to the media, and one professor said a security official had visited the university and removed records and pictures of Malik. People claiming to […]

Social media censorship in Bangladesh highlights potential long-term problems for publishers

Two weeks ago, the government in Bangladesh blocked access to social media sites including Facebook, WhatsApp and Viber, citing security after terrorist threats and local political violence as the reason. However, Damaris Colhoun writes that the ban indicates a bigger problem for publishers: There’s beginning to be a pattern of censorship with reports of journalists […]

Journalists have the right to cover the Missouri protests, and the adults at the protests acted inexcusably

The First Amendment gives protesters at the University of Missouri the right to congregate, but it also gives journalists the right be there and cover what’s happening, Jonathan Peters writes. While the students may not understand First Amendment law, Peters says the adults (mass media professor Melissa Click and director of Greek life and leadership […]

Activists on the University of Missouri’s campus block a freelance ESPN journalist from public space on campus

A video showing protesters at the University of Missouri blocking a freelance journalist from a public space on campus is sparking conversation about press freedom. Tim Tai, a student photographer who was on assignment for ESPN, was trying to take photos of a “tent city” on the campus quad when protesters began blocking his view, […]

Editor in chief of Chinese newspaper is ousted after ‘airing views in opposition to the government’

Zhao Xinwei, editor in chief of a state-run newspaper in China, was fired and expelled from the Communist Party after “airing views in opposition to the government and ‘groundlessly commenting’ on official policies.” Wall Street Journal’s Te-Ping Chen writes that Xinwei’s firing “appears to be part of a growing crackdown on intraparty dissent.” Chen reports that […]

While the Turkish government cracks down on media, newspapers are publishing on Twitter

Turkey is in the midst of “the biggest crackdown on press in Turkish history,” and two newspapers are now publishing on Twitter after their headquarters were seized. The headquarters of Koza-İpek Group, which owns newspapers Bugün and Millet, were seized by the Turkish government and printing was stopped on Wednesday. All the pages of the […]

Honduran newspaper Diario Tiempo stops printing after the government freezes its finances

Honduras’ Diario Tiempo announced Wednesday that it would stop printing its print edition after the Honduran government froze the finances of its parent company three weeks ago. The parent company, Grupo Continental, is currently under investigation for money laundering. All 350 employees of the newspaper have been going unpaid since the beginning of October. Editor […]

Google’s appeal against ‘right to be forgotten’ denied by French data regulator

=French data regular Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés has denied Google’s appeal against the global enforcement of the “right to be forgotten.” Google’s appeal argued that the search engine delisting in Europe should not apply to the domain, but the data regulator ordered Google to apply the removals to not only European […]