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Photography and visual journalism (Page 4)

Should the AP really have fired a Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer?

The Associated Press fired a photographer who violated AP’s ethical standards by altering a photo he took while covering the war in Syria in 2013. The photographer, Narciso Contreras, shared in a Pulitzer last year for images of the Syrian war. “Is the original image any less representative of the Syrian civil war?“ asks Adam Weinstein. “It’s […]

Strategies for visual storytelling from Medium

This piece provides a bit of theory on visual storytelling and some guides to the two most effective visual storytelling techniques currently in use on Medium: The seamless, single narrative (best for fiction) and the classic photo essay (best for non-fiction).

Why the world needs photojournalists

Pew Research found that more news photographers, videographers, and other visual artists have been laid off than any other type of journalist. Yet, “photography is our predominant means of communication,” writes David Rohde. “We now live in the most visual, literate society America has ever had,” Donald R. Winslow, a veteran photographer and editor of […]

USA Today will not run any White House handout photos

You might have heard: More than a dozen news organizations protest the White House’s lack of press photographer access (Associated Press) But did you know: Except in extraordinary circumstances, USA Today will not use the hand-picked photos taken by a White House staff photographer. The announcement builds on last week’s letter of protest from news […]

How storyboarding helps create visual content

As storytelling forms become more complex and include text, photos, videos and graphics, the movie industry’s process of storyboarding can help organize those elements in a more visual and structured way. “Storyboards can be used in the planning process to isolate the most important steps and then visualize them, creating a map to refer to […]

How to shape a great visual journalism story

The common thread in effective visual journalism is to structure storytelling with purpose, writes Adam Perez. New York Times senior producer Nancy Donaldson approaches each story with two questions: What is the story you want to tell? And what is the best way to tell it? Answering these two questions, she says, will help structure […]

An online home meant to give advice for all visual journalists

“If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a blog covering all aspects of photography is pretty much priceless,” writes Angela Washeck in describing the Digital Media department at Columbia Journalism School’s new project, Columbia Visuals. The blog will seek to increase “visual literacy” for all journalists, not just those working in multimedia.

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