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The Guardian launches an open-source image management system called Grid

The Guardian is unveiling a new open-source image management system that makes the process of looking for images simpler. The system not only work for the Guardian’s websites but its print editions as well. The Guardian has been internally using Grid since October, but began offering the open-source product on Wednesday. Guardian developer Sébastien Cevey […]

Why a Massachusetts newspaper is letting an artist take over its front page for 26 days

The Sentinel & Enterprise of Fitchberg, Mass., is handing over its front page to artist Anna Schuleit Haber for 26 days. Schuleit Haber is putting an art installation devoted to the alphabet on the paper’s front page, with a different artist designing each letter. Each day’s newspaper includes a profile of the artist who created […]

An easier way to find user-generated content on Instagram: Instagram’s search feature is now available on the web

Instagram’s overhauled search feature rolled out to its website yesterday, making it easier for users to search by hashtag, location or account. While an Instagram spokesperson said the update is not designed specifically for news organizations, journalists will no longer be restricted to a smartphone when looking for user-generated content on Instagram. Some notable features […]

The anatomy of a successful NYT tweet: A striking photo can stand without a link

To “amplify the voices of reporters and photographers in the field,” New York Times social media editor Cynthia Collins says the social media team monitors what staff members are tweeting through a list in Tweetdeck. On Wednesday night, Collins spotted an interesting photo by an NYT staff photographer of Confederate flags as President Obama arrived […]

Why visual communication remains a vital skill for journalists

Zach Kitschke, Canva’s head of communications, says that as the Internet becomes a shouting match, it’s not about who shouts the loudest but who shouts the smartest. To make people stay on the page, share your article and remember what they read, Kitschke says visuals are essential. People only retain 20 percent of what they […]

Why publishers should ‘bite the bullet’ and digitize archives

At Thomson Reuters, head of archives Tim Redman oversees the digitization of Reuters’ archive. Reuters is mostly processing video and film, and Redman says Reuters’ digital archives will complete its “end to end news service” by making news articles, photos and videos available within one platform. Redman says: “It’s very satisfying to have material that […]

How NYT is experimenting with Snapchat for mobile storytelling

New York Times social editor Talya Minsberg says when you first look at Snapchat, you’ll realize that your preconceived notions of the app are mostly false: “There are really creative individuals and organizations making some pretty compelling stories on Snapchat, and watching a story on Snapchat is less passive than you may think.” For the […]

Best practices for using GIFs in visual journalism

As news becomes increasingly visual, GIFs are emerging as an effective way to take advantage of the benefits of video without the cost in time and bandwidth. Savannah Niles provides an overview of the tools and technologies for making GIFs for visual journalism, as well as a summary of best practices when using GIFs. + […]

How to animate your social media with GIFs

As GIFs continue to grow in popularity, adding GIFs is an easy way to make your social media posts pop. GIFs can add personality and humor into an exchange, as well as provide a glimpse into your newsroom culture. GIFs can also be used to preview new products, upcoming events, or exclusive information. Be sure […]

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