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Paid content and paywalls (Page 9)

Who uses and pays for news in the Millennial generation

Most Millennials use paid subscription or other content services, and about half use some kind of news-specific service Contrary to the idea that Millennials think the web is free, the vast majority of Millennials used some kind of paid product or service in the past year, including a majority who use at least one for […]

How the news habits of those Millennials who pay differ from those who do not

From a distance, Millennials who pay personally for news look fairly similar in their online habits to those who don’t pay. They are equally as likely to be daily Facebook users (43 percent for payers and 45 for non-payers). They are similarly just as likely to use social networks to keep up with friends (both […]

The New York Times is lifting the paywall for 50 of its best stories published in the last 4 years

To celebrate its recent milestone of 1 million digital subscribers, The New York Times is making 50 of its best stories free to read. The stories, which include op-eds, foreign correspondence, investigative journalism, and cultural reporting, were selected by masthead editors and were all published within the last four years. Some highlights from the list: […]

Amazon will offer deeply discounted Washington Post subscriptions to Prime members

You might have heard: The Washington Post and Amazon have partnered in efforts to bring more readers to the Post, including preinstalling a curated mobile news app in Amazon’s Kindle Fire But did you know: Tens of millions of Amazon Prime members will be able to buy discounted Washington Post subscriptions beginning today, Ken Doctor […]

A year after its launch in the Netherlands, micropayment platform Blendle expands into Germany with more than 100 partners

More than a year after it launched in the Netherlands, Blendle expanded into Germany yesterday, with more than 100 German-language and English-language partners. Blendle collects stories from publishers and lets users pay for individual articles, with prices set by publishers who receive 70 percent of the revenue. The German expansion is the first edition Blendle […]

How The Washington Post is cleverly blocking the ad blockers

If you’re using an ad blocker on The Washington Post’s website, you may find yourself redirected to a subscription page. Matthew Zeitlin reports that while using AdBlock in Chrome, he was shown a dialog box redirecting users to enter their email address for a free six-week subscription, while another user saw the subscription box after […]

How The Globe and Mail uses article tagging to track its paid content

Many news organizations use article tagging for search keywords and topics within a story, but Abigail Edge writes that there are better ways to use article tagging. At Canada’s Globe and Mail, article tags are used to indicate whether a story is behind a paywall or not, as well as for tagging sponsored content. The […]

How The Economist is refining the journey people take from reader to subscriber

Between January and June, The Economist saw a 225.8 percent rise in digital circulation. The Economist’s chief marketing officer and managing director of circulation Michael Brunt says that’s due in part to figuring out the process by which someone goes from a casual reader to a paying subscriber, which The Economist is doing by tracking […]

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