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Paid content and paywalls (Page 9)

Why publishers are failing to monetize digital subscription data

The customer data publishers get from launching paywalls is potentially valuable to advertisers, but that’s something many publishers haven’t taken advantage of. Digital subscription data could be used to pinpoint select audiences within users, something Time Inc. is experimenting with in its new digital subscription strategy. However, The Washington Post has replaced user registration data […]

Entertainment Weekly’s new paywall is a sign of the future at Time Inc.

You might have heard: Time Inc. is racing its own falling print revenue, leading to testing paywalls on its magazine websites But did you know: Entertainment Weekly’s website quietly rolled out a metered paywall last week, a sign of things to come at other Time Inc. titles. Non-registered readers will have access to 10 articles […]

Why the Toronto Star did away with its paywall: It was expensive and had a high churn rate

Julie Murtha, director of audience and innovation at Canada’s Toronto Star, explains why the newspaper decided to remove its paywall late last year. Despite early success, adoption rates plateaued about 90 days in, and the paywall ended up being expensive because of the newspaper’s efforts to encourage digital subscriptions. Murtha says: “When we investigated our […]

How to build audiences with single-subject news products

As audiences gain more choices for news, they are increasingly turning to specialized sources. That represents a challenge to general-interest publishers but also creates an opportunity to reach new audiences by being the best source on a particular topic. Topic, not demographics or habits, is now the biggest factor determining where people turn for news. […]

Choose a topic for which you can create ‘obsessives’

“Create obsessives,” digital director of Vanity Fair Mike Hogan said when I asked him about why Vanity Fair built a Hollywood-specific section. Successful single-subject news sites create obsessive readers, according to several editors and publishers we consulted. These readers can be professionals whose work deals with the subject, sports fans who follow a particular team, […]

How to create and execute a niche content strategy

After the first step in building a niche vertical of identifying the topic, which involves assessing your audience, your brand, your capacity and the potential business for the topic, the second involves making the right steps to execute a superb product. Here, according to those steeped in the process of niche verticals, there are three […]

Lessons from Piano Media on creating a successful paywall

Four years after Piano Media began adding national paywalls to its titles in Slovakia, Poland and Slovenia, its CEO Kelly Leach says that having a successful paywall requires more than putting up the software and expecting money to start coming in. Creating richer content packages helped Piano turn readers into paying subscribers, which was an […]

Will Winnipeg Free Press’ ‘iTunes for news’ paywall model work?

As people have wished for an “iTunes for news” business model where readers can pay for news by the article at a small price, iTunes itself has struggled to compete with monthly-subscription services such as Spotify. But does that mean Winnipeg Free Press’ new paywall where readers can pay 27 cents to read an individual […]

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