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Paid content and paywalls (Page 8)

How The Globe and Mail uses article tagging to track its paid content

Many news organizations use article tagging for search keywords and topics within a story, but Abigail Edge writes that there are better ways to use article tagging. At Canada’s Globe and Mail, article tags are used to indicate whether a story is behind a paywall or not, as well as for tagging sponsored content. The […]

How The Economist is refining the journey people take from reader to subscriber

Between January and June, The Economist saw a 225.8 percent rise in digital circulation. The Economist’s chief marketing officer and managing director of circulation Michael Brunt says that’s due in part to figuring out the process by which someone goes from a casual reader to a paying subscriber, which The Economist is doing by tracking […]

Mark Thompson says NYT’s digital revenue could surpass print revenue within 5 years

You might have heard: 70 percent of The New York Times’ revenue still comes from print, and its live conference and events business is one way it’s diversifying revenue But did you know: In an interview with Margaret Sullivan, chief executive of The New York Times company Mark Thompson said NYT’s digital revenue can surpass […]

More paid content strategies are coming to Time Inc.’s titles

You might have heard: Entertainment Weekly rolled out a metered paywall in May and was the first Time Inc. publication to use such a subscription model But did you know: After testing digital subscriptions at Entertainment Weekly, Time Inc. CEO Joe Ripp says more paid content is to come across the rest of the company’s […]

Financial Times opens a small leak in its paywall

Financial Times announced on Tuesday that non-subscribers can now access one free story per day when visiting from Twitter. In February, FT moved from a metered subscription model to a discounted trial model, which requires users to pay for nearly all of the newspaper’s online content. CEO John Redding said when the model debuted: “The […]

Harvard Business Review thinks it can add subscribers while raising its digital subscription price

You might have heard: Unique, high-quality content is necessary for a successful digital subscription model, where consumers pay for the content rather than the delivery But did you know: Harvard Business Review plans to increase its subscription price and still attract 100,000 new subscribers by adding new products it hopes will offer readers additional value. […]

How NYT uses KeyWee to find new subscribers on Facebook

To drive subscriptions, The New York Times is using a startup KeyWee, which uses natural language analysis to find keywords in articles that are likely to be relevant to potential NYT subscribers and then buying sponsored Facebook posts targeted with those keywords. Once those readers are on the site, NYT targets them with articles designed […]

Scribd finds e-book subscription models don’t work well when people read too much

Scribd began pulling thousands of romance titles from its website on Tuesday, a result of users reading too much. Models like Scribd pay publishers by the read, but subscribers pay a flat rate for unlimited access. Readers of genres such as romance read voraciously, so much so that they were becoming too expensive to Scribd. […]

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