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Paid content and paywalls (Page 8)

UK newspaper The Sun will take down its paywall on Nov. 30

On Nov. 30, readers will no longer have to pay to access The Sun’s website or most of its mobile apps. Some products will continue to be paid, including Sun Perks (which are available with a code from the print newspaper) and The Sun Classic App. The Sun’s online subscriptions were introduced in 2013, and […]

National Journal will return to its original focus and rebrand as a premium paid content site

You might have heard: Atlantic Media is downsizing National Journal and cutting staff by a quarter as it reorganizes its overall presence in Washington, D.C.(Atlantic Media), following the decision this summer to end National Journal’s print edition by the end of the year But did you know: After rebranding itself five years ago as a […]

To grow audience revenue, differentiate your pricing strategy to attract more subscribers

To increase their digital revenue, Matt Lindsay writes that publishers need to add subscription levels at different prices to appeal to subgroups of customers. To identify those niche groups, Lindsay writes that publishers can use the audience data they’re collecting. While a one-size-fits-all subscription strategy can eventually plateau in growth, Lindsay says different pricing levels […]

Blendle may be in a position for success as traditional advertising models crumble

Micropayment startup Blendle may be in the right place at the right time, Frédéric Filloux writes. By allowing users to pay per article, Filloux says Blendle is attracting younger audiences and capitalizing upon weaknesses in the paywall model. In addition, Blendle comes at a time when “the traditional advertising model is crumbling under the pressure […]

The Economist deputy editor: ‘We see print as just another device’

As The Economist turned 172 years old in September, its deputy editor Tom Standage says print remains one of the many platforms for The Economist’s journalism. Standage says half of The Economist’s subscribers choose to bundle print and digital together, but about a quarter of its new and renewing subscribers are choosing digital only subscriptions: […]

How Millennials Get News: Paying for content

This research was conducted by the Media Insight Project, an initiative of the American Press Institute and the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research. Introduction Despite growing up amid abundant free online entertainment and news, today’s young adults still use significant amounts of paid content. Selling news to young people remains difficult, but the […]

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