Reader revenue

‘The fatal flaw in subscription models’: Digital subscriptions now require readers to pay for each publication separately

“Paywalls rely on publishers assuming that an individual will only have one or two subscriptions, and therefore that theirs is the only content worth paying for. Yes, on a publisher-by-publisher basis, it is critical that the content they produce is valued and paid for. But on an industry level, it isn’t sustainable,” Esther Kezia Harding […]

The New York Times says it has added 41,000 subscriptions since the election

You might have heard: After the presidential election, news organizations from The Wall Street Journal to The Atlantic are seeing significant upticks in digital subscriptions (Huffington Post) But did you know: Since last week’s presidential election, The New York Times says it has added 41,000 paid print or digital subscriptions — the largest subscription increase […]

Some reasons newspapers have dropped their paywalls: Public emergencies, experimentation, and wider access

78 percent of newspapers with circulations over 50,000 have some sort of digital subscription model, but once those subscription models are in place, what will cause a newspaper to take a paywall down? A new study from the University of Southern California looks at 69 instances (41 permanent, 28 temporary) where newspapers dropped or eliminated […]

FT’s plan for expanding its content studio into a full-service agency: Making better use of subscription data

After establishing its content-marketing studio FT Squared nearly a year ago, the Financial Times has plans to turn the studio into a full-service agency. With the acquisition of content-marketing video specialist Alpha Grid, it’s looking to improve its creative production. And for a paywalled publisher, a major part of its expansion plans include making better […]

Subscription models are necessary, because most publications can’t totally rely on advertising

“The idea of publications totally based on advertising is, I think, an illusion,” Talking Points Memo’s founder and editor-in-chief Josh Marshall says. “Some can do it, but I don’t think it’s ever going to be a sustainable model for most publications. There [needs to be] something great and special about any publication that people think […]

How to determine if a subscription model is right for your business

These days, you can purchase a subscription for nearly anything from groceries to razor blades. But as companies rush to implement subscription models, how can they ensure that it’ll be successful? Robbie Kellman Baxter outlines a few key steps to success, including why it’s important to create a culture of membership inside the organization. Baxter […]

Why news organizations should focus on converting just their most loyal readers into subscribers

The newspaper industry struggles with getting readers to pay for digital news, but former NYT executive Denise Warren says readers will pay when news organizations are offering them value. And, rather than trying to convert all readers into subscribers, Warren says publishers should focus on the readers who bring them the most value: The small […]

Driven by micropayments, Winnipeg Free Press expects about $100,000 in digital revenue this year

The Winnipeg Free Press is experimenting with a micropayment model, and almost a year in, readers who pay by the article are paying an average of $2 per month. About 4,300 readers have paid to read at least one story, which cost 27 cents (about 21 cents USD) each. With its new micropayment model, the […]

Medium unveils a new set of tools for publishers, including memberships for some publications

You might have heard: CEO Ev Williams says Medium is more of a social networkthan a publishing tool, but it’s still focused on expanding its relationship with publishers But did you know: Medium announced a new bundle of features for publishers on Tuesday called Medium for Publishers. The new set of tools includes ways to […]

The Times of London is moving away from covering breaking news to focus on more in-depth analysis

With a hard paywall that’s been up since 2010, the Times of London has established itself as a destination for in-depth analysis, opinion and commentary for its subscribers. Despite that specialty, it has still covered breaking news. But now, the Times of London will move away from covering breaking news as it happens in favor […]