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Paying for Digital News: The rapid adoption and current landscape of digital subscriptions at U.S. newspapers

Newspaper publishers in the United States have moved rapidly in recent years to create subscriptions for digital access to their news, and according to an in-depth analysis the landscape is converging around a couple leading models and price structures. As the traditionally dominant revenue streams of print and advertising come under pressure, almost all newspapers […]

The New York Times could be the next publication to ban users who use ad blockers

You might have heard: Some publishers are using varying tactics to prevent users with ad-blockers from accessing their websites But did you know: New York Times CEO Mark Thompson says it could block users who have ad blockers enabled, joining a group of publishers already do so including Forbes and Axel Springer. Thompson says that NYT’s subscription […]

How the ‘ladder of participation’ can convert casual site visitors into subscribers

An important question for news organizations with digital subscription strategies is how they can convert casual visitors into loyal readers who will pay for a subscription. With a strategy called the “ladder of participation,” Lior Zalmanson and Gal Oestreicher-Singer say that those occasional visitors can be converted into paying customers. Research by Zalmanson and Oestreicher-Singer […]

The Wall Street Journal is testing closing the Google paywall loophole

For Wall Street Journal readers not wanting to pay $200/year for a subscription, Googling the headline was an easy way to get around the strict paywall, but some people are noticing that this trick isn’t working anymore. A WSJ spokesperson told Digiday that they’re testing if closing the loophole would entice those readers to subscribe, […]

How to decide when to lower a paywall for big news

During this weekend’s snowstorm on the East Coast, The Washington Post and Baltimore Sun lowered their paywalls. That decision opened up important information to as many readers as possible, Baltimore Sun’s director of audience engagement and development Matt Bracken says. The storm also prevented many subscribers from receiving their print newspapers, which Bracken says added another […]

While The Guardian cuts costs, it will also expand its membership program

Guardian News & Media plans to cut its costs by 20 percent, with the goal of breaking even within three years, and a key part of that plan is to expand its membership program. The revamped membership program is being called “Project 2021,” and its goal is to “double reader revenues from £30 million to […]

Newspapers that put up paywalls in the last few years should take them down

Alan D. Mutter writes that newspapers who added paywalls in the last few years should take them down before they become more trouble than they’re worth. Mutter says most newspapers who added paywalls haven’t attracted huge volumes of digital subscribers, and casual readers who could be turned into regular readers will be turned off by […]

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