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Key issues to discuss before you embark on a news partnership

While the news is unpredictable, news partnerships don’t have to be. John Bebow, publisher of Bridge Magazine, said there haven’t been any knotty moments in his partnership with Crain’s Detroit Business. “I know this sounds like sunny bullshit,” he said. “Part of the reason is, we sat down and negotiated every last detail.” That was […]

Nurturing a partnership

The best partnerships between nonprofit and commercial newsrooms do more than outsource reporting or increase distribution. Over time, they change how news organizations do their work — and that makes these partnerships critical to how journalism is produced today. John Schrag, executive editor of Pamplin Media Group, which publishes two dozen community newspapers in Oregon, […]

Partnerships are business deals, but they’re not always about cash

Good journalism is done by people, and people need to get paid. So let’s be a little indecorous and talk about money. Nonprofit news organizations typically get about 60 percent of their budgets from foundation grants and another 15 to 20 percent from individual donations. The rest is earned from underwriting, sponsorships, ticketed events, training […]

4 practical steps to forming news partnerships

So you want to collaborate, but you’re not sure how to begin. Here are four practical steps to get started. 1. Learn who you can work with It’s easy to name the commercial news organizations in a city or on a beat. It’s harder to find the nonprofit newsrooms and figure out what they focus […]

How news partnerships work: Commercial and nonprofit newsrooms can work together to benefit and change journalism

What is a successful partnership? In the last decade, nonprofit news organizations have emerged with a model that depends on creative partnerships. At the same time, most commercial newsrooms have seen deep cuts to staffing and resources, leaving them in search of ways to sustain the quality and depth of their journalism. These forces are […]

How for-profit newsrooms can adapt API’s nonprofit funding guidelines

Earlier this year, API released two sets of guidelines on the ethics of funding nonprofit news, one set for philanthropic funders and one set for nonprofit newsrooms. These guidelines were the product of more than two years of work exploring the question of how to best ensure editorial independence, including a meeting of 18 funders, […]

4 questions nonprofit newsrooms and funders have about their evolving relationships

As journalism’s traditional business models continue to shift, more news organizations are turning to nonprofit and foundation support as a way to support their journalism. But taking money from private foundations rather than commercial advertisers comes with its own ethical issues concerning how news organizations maintain their editorial independence. Funding can be often more tied […]

Guidance on philanthropic funding of media and news

As nonprofit funding of news grows, what are the best practices for ensuring editorial independence? The following two sets of broad guidelines of best practices, one for funders and another for nonprofit media organizations, are the product of more than two years of work exploring the question. That work began with surveys of funders, nonprofit […]

Guiding principles for funders of nonprofit media

Philanthropy increasingly provides important support for nonprofit journalism. Funders have varying reasons for supporting journalism and media. Some support journalism as a field unto itself, and a public good. Others see journalism and media as integral to their focus on democracy and civic engagement and participation. And still others may be primarily motivated by the […]

Guiding principles for nonprofit newsrooms

Journalism produced by nonprofit newsrooms is becoming a more important part of the media landscape and foundation support. In addition, increasing numbers of commercial news publishers are partnering with nonprofit media, and in some cases, accepting direct grants themselves. The following principles were collected by and for nonprofit media and are offered as a guide […]