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Implications for publishers

Understanding these distinct segments within the Millennial generation should offer some clarity and opportunity for publishers seeking to reach these audiences. One clear implication is that the youngest Millennials, those we call Unattached and those we call Explorers, are hardly newsless. Their habits are still forming. And how publishers try to reach them should vary. […]

The Activists

23 percent of all Millennials Making up a quarter of all Millennials and just under half of the older cohort (age 25-34), the Activists are further along in life and likely to have established families, careers, and a connection to their community. They form a core target community for news publishers—they are among the most […]

The Distracted

27 percent of all Millennials Making up roughly about a quarter of all Millennials and half of the older cohort (age 25-34), the Distracted tend to be heavily focused on their young families or burgeoning careers. In some ways, this group is the least news-oriented of all Millennials—certainly less so than the younger people we […]

The Explorers

16 percent of all Millennials Roughly half the size of the Unattached, this cohort of younger Millennials (age 18-24) also have not yet established families or started careers. But they have slightly higher employment, and they are more self-directed in their approach to the web and information. They are far more likely than the Unattached […]

The Unattached

34 percent of all Millennials A third of all Millennials and two-thirds of those who are age 18-24, the Unattached are still making their way in the world. They are less likely to be employed and make somewhat less money than other young Millennials, though they are somewhat more likely to be starting families. Their […]

After backlash from student journalists, a DC principal will no longer exercise prior review of student newspaper

Principal of Woodrow Wilson High School Kimberly Martin is softening her prior review policy for the school’s student newspaper after backlash from student journalists and the community. Before the start of the school year, Martin told students she would be breaking with the school’s tradition and requiring pre-approval from administration for the newspaper. Erin Doherty […]

Race, ethnicity, and the use of social media for news

One of the major findings of this research, across all groups, is the finding that Millennials are far more interested in news and information than other research might have indicated. The project identified this, or broke with past research, not by simply tracking where Millennials went online but by looking in more detail than past […]

Motivations for keeping up with the news

One dimension of understanding news and information that is becoming more important today is how people use the news and information they encounter. In an age when consumers can decide what they want to follow and how, and when their reactions and use of the information they consume is more public, it becomes more critical […]

Race and ethnicity, device usage, and connectivity

The digital divide has not materialized when it comes to technology access among Millennials. The Media Insight Project’s 2014 report The Personal News Cycle found that, contrary to long-held assumptions about digital media access by people of color, the digital divide has not played out in the United States as many had anticipated. 1That study […]

How Millennials Use Technology to Get News: Differences by race and ethnicity

This research was conducted by the Media Insight Project — an initiative of the American Press Institute and the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research A new study of Millennials and news finds that Hispanic and African American adults under age 35 are just as connected to the web as the rest of their […]