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We believe the future of journalism must involve news organizations better understanding the needs and behaviors of their audiences. To that end, we conduct innovative research into how Americans get news.

Below you will find other recent insights we have curated about how to reach and serve news audiences.

Who uses and pays for news in the Millennial generation

Most Millennials use paid subscription or other content services, and about half use some kind of news-specific service Contrary to the idea that Millennials think the web is free, the vast majority of Millennials used some kind of paid product or service in the past year, including a majority who use at least one for […]

How the news habits of those Millennials who pay differ from those who do not

From a distance, Millennials who pay personally for news look fairly similar in their online habits to those who don’t pay. They are equally as likely to be daily Facebook users (43 percent for payers and 45 for non-payers). They are similarly just as likely to use social networks to keep up with friends (both […]

Breaking Down the Millennial Generation: A typology of young news consumers

This research was conducted by the Media Insight Project — an initiative of the American Press Institute and the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research There are some clear differences from previous generations in how Millennials—the first group of Americans to grow up with digital technology—consume news and information. The term Millennials, however, which […]

Implications for publishers

Understanding these distinct segments within the Millennial generation should offer some clarity and opportunity for publishers seeking to reach these audiences. One clear implication is that the youngest Millennials, those we call Unattached and those we call Explorers, are hardly newsless. Their habits are still forming. And how publishers try to reach them should vary. […]

The Activists

23 percent of all Millennials Making up a quarter of all Millennials and just under half of the older cohort (age 25-34), the Activists are further along in life and likely to have established families, careers, and a connection to their community. They form a core target community for news publishers—they are among the most […]

The Distracted

27 percent of all Millennials Making up roughly about a quarter of all Millennials and half of the older cohort (age 25-34), the Distracted tend to be heavily focused on their young families or burgeoning careers. In some ways, this group is the least news-oriented of all Millennials—certainly less so than the younger people we […]

The Explorers

16 percent of all Millennials Roughly half the size of the Unattached, this cohort of younger Millennials (age 18-24) also have not yet established families or started careers. But they have slightly higher employment, and they are more self-directed in their approach to the web and information. They are far more likely than the Unattached […]

The Unattached

34 percent of all Millennials A third of all Millennials and two-thirds of those who are age 18-24, the Unattached are still making their way in the world. They are less likely to be employed and make somewhat less money than other young Millennials, though they are somewhat more likely to be starting families. Their […]

The LA Times’ plan to grow its audience: New beats and new platforms

As the Los Angeles Times has faced turmoil in its business recently, the newspaper is looking to create new beats and expand to new platforms to grow its audience. The LA Times announced earlier this year that Dexter Thomas was hired to cover Black Twitter, which managing editor for editorial strategy S. Mitra Kalita says […]

Twitter and life

Just over half of social media users (53%) have a Twitter account and most (67%) have had it for more than 3 years, according to the survey. An even wider world of people encounter Twitter without using it. Of all Twitter users, 68% see hashtags and Twitter handles or tweets displayed on TV, 61% in […]

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