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What’s the next big frontier for journalism?

With this year’s State of the Media report, it’s abundantly clear that mobile is growing fast, but Steve Buttry is already looking ahead to what the next huge, unmissable opportunity for journalism might be. Buttry says location-based news is one opportunity that no one has mastered yet, and memberships may be a better alternative to […]

How U.K.’s Channel 4 News is telling stories with GIFs

U.K.’s Channel 4 News’ “4NewsWall” is a standalone site hosted by Tumblr that displays news stories with animated GIFs. 4NewsWall is targeted to an audience of 16- to 34-year-olds and was created by Channel 4’s in-house creative team 4Creative. The leaders of the project from 4Creative said: “Creating a GIF for a serious news story […]

How publishing platform FOLD helps you explain to readers what they need to know and keep them on your website

On Wednesday, a team of former MIT students launched FOLD, a new publishing platform designed to help “storytellers to structure and contextualize stories.” Authors can add “context cards” directly to their story within the platform, and cards can contain anything from videos to maps to tweets. Instead of linking out from a story, FOLD helps […]

How Deutsche Welle launched a project to bring its audience into the storytelling process

German broadcaster Deutsche Welle’s project Life Links tells readers’ stories around one topic (such as #AForEffort on the challenges of three teachers in Germany, Bulgaria and Zambia and #DrugTrap on tracing the cocaine production process). Each series spans a four-week period online, and a TV documentary is aired as the climax of the project. Members […]

Behind The Washington Post’s game ‘7 Ways to Defy Death’

To accompany The Washington Post’s recent front page story “Tech Titans’ Latest Project: Defy Death” on how Silicon Valley billionaires fund biomedical research for stem cell transplants and custom-built bones, the paper built the game “7 Ways to Defy Death.” The game took several months to build. Designers wanted to balance the playfulness of the […]

USA Today’s lessons from covering the Final Four on Snapchat and Periscope

When covering the Final Four, USA Today took the opportunity to experiment with Periscope and Snapchat as new ways to interact with users through video, and now they share their takeaways. On Periscope, compelling broadcast descriptions and interacting with commenters are key, and keep in mind the livestream can go beyond Periscope with saved videos. […]

An introduction to publishing on Medium and its new features

In the years since its launch, Medium has gained a reputation for “simple-yet-beautiful collaborative publishing.” Medium is regularly used for smart online publishing, regularly used by Storyful and De Correspondent for announcements and ideas, as well as digital thinkers. This guide can help you get started on Medium with the basics of writing and publishing, […]

BBC targets people under 35 with a casually-toned one-minute news bulletin

BBC World Service launched Minute on Wednesday, a one-minute news bulletin covering news, sports, fashion, music and technology. BBC Minute will be updated twice each hour and will be broadcast on radio stations in Africa and Indonesia, available on iTunes and TuneIn, as well as available on BBC’s website. One of the BBC Minute presenters […]

How CNN, New York Times and The Economist are approaching their Apple Watch apps

Few publishers have been able to see the Apple Watch yet, but many are working on developing for it. The New York Times will have one-sentence stories written specifically for the Apple Watch, in addition to breaking news alerts and allowing users to click over to full stories. CNN is focusing on creating a personalized […]

BBC uses its archive to show context or allow for deeper learning

BBC’s News Timeliner uses collections of short-form videos from its own archives to give context to current news stories, as well as providing a look into key moments in history. The current version of News Timeliner explores British politics and elections through a series of timelines building up to the upcoming election in May. News […]