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When it comes to wearables, think ‘journalism first, technology second’

Wearables could be the next big disruption in journalism, and Robert Hernandez says the “skyrocketing” rate of adoption means news outlets should be experimenting with wearables. Hernandez compares some of the initial skepticism surrounding devices such as the Apple Watch to initial negative attitudes toward Twitter’s character limit. But Hernandez emphasizes the importance of putting […]

How Vox, AJ+ and FOLD use cards for context in storytelling

Vox, AJ+ and FOLD have all adopted a digital version of index cards to add value and context to ongoing stories. At AJ+, cards can quickly update the reader on the newest information, provide context with a graphic or video, or add a human element with a short documentary. AJ+’s David Cohn says cards are […]

Since Facebook’s Instant Articles launched more than three weeks ago, no new articles have been published

You might have heard: Facebook Instant Articles launched in May with nine publishers including NYT and BBC News But did you know: Following the buzz around the launch of Facebook’s Instant Articles, no new articles have been published since May 13. Facebook never offered a concrete timeline for its rollout of Instant Articles, but it […]

Vox is partnering with McClatchy to bring its explainers to local readers

You might have heard: Vox card stacks are now embeddable anywhere on the Web (Vox) But did you know: As Vox makes its card stacks embeddable anywhere on the Web, Vox is working with McClatchy to bring their explainers to readers on McClatchy’s 29 local news sites. On Thursday, McClatchy began including card stacks in […]

Whether or not the Apple Watch is a big hit, it will expose how little publishers know about their readers

The Apple Watch is representative of a new class of devices that demand customized experiences for their users, which Joshua Benton says will expose how little publishers know about their readers. While only a small share of news consumers will have a smartwatch in the near future, Benton notes that the first generation of news […]

Why some media newsletters are designed to be read without clicking

Newsletters are quickly growing as an efficient way for people to catch up on news, but some media organizations are designing their newsletters to be read entirely without clicking through to the host’s site. At Quartz, senior editor Gideon Lichfield says they’ve recognized people are no longer coming directly to publishers’ websites from “social media […]

How NYT is experimenting with Snapchat for mobile storytelling

New York Times social editor Talya Minsberg says when you first look at Snapchat, you’ll realize that your preconceived notions of the app are mostly false: “There are really creative individuals and organizations making some pretty compelling stories on Snapchat, and watching a story on Snapchat is less passive than you may think.” For the […]

How a UK startup wants to reinvent online articles by focusing on issues over news

The best way to introduce a reader to a new topic isn’t always through an inverted pyramid format, Jeremy Evans says. That’s his idea behind “Explaain,” a site with articles about “issues, not news.” Evans plans to launch over the next few months a reinvented version of the online article where readers can click on […]

Brands are hiring journalists and building standalone publications around their products

You might have heard: Sponsored content is growing quickly as a business modelas news organizations such as The Washington Post and The New York Times experiment, but the industry is divided on the role editorial staff should play But did you know: Mattress manufacturing startup Casper is hiring journalists ahead of launching its standalone website […]

How The Upshot used geolocation to personalize the text of a story

For a companion story on how children raised in different places have different chances of getting out of poverty, The Upshot put together an interactive article answering the question, “What would that look like where I live?” The Best and Worst Places to Grow Up alters the text based on the reader’s selected location, using […]