New story forms

‘The future of news is not an article’: Ideas from NYT R&D on what news can look like in forms outside traditional articles

“Rather than look to large tech platforms to propose the future of news, perhaps there is a great opportunity for news organizations themselves to rethink those assumptions,” Alexis Lloyd writes. Because the future of news is not an article, Lloyd proposes what news can look like when it’s not held back by the form of […]

Facebook is working on a standalone 360-degree video app that would bring virtual reality to cell phones

Deepa Seetharaman and Orr Hirschauge report that Facebook is developing a standalone video that would support 360-degree or “spherical” videos, which would bring virtual reality to cell phones. With spherical videos, users can change their viewing perspective by tilting their device. Footage from multiple cameras is usually required to create the 360-degree videos. + Earlier: […]

Techmeme CEO: The homepage can be valuable for publishers and readers

Some say that the homepage is dead, but Gabe Rivera, the CEO of tech news aggregator Techmeme, says it can be valuable for readers, if publishers make them more useful. Rivera says publishers are often too focused on their stats, but the homepage “captures what the site is about and illustrates to readers what the […]

A new Chrome extension will show you a news story in each new tab

NewsPix is a new Chrome extension out of MIT’s Future of News initiative that will show you a link to a news story and corresponding image each time you open a new tab. NewsPix says it works by reminding people that these news stories exist and offering them a chance to visit your site. MIT’s […]

Why some publishers are hiring Snapchat specialists

Lucia Moses writes Snapchat’s benefits to publishers still remain unproven, but that hasn’t stopped publishers from hiring Snapchat specialists to devise content strategies for the platform. While hiring specialists is a big investment, Moses writes that it is likely a necessary investment because existing content cannot be easily transferred to Snapchat. CNN’s head of social […]

How new tech allowed a Scotland newspaper to print slightly different papers for each reader

A new printing system allowed a Scotland newspaper to print slightly different papers for each reader. Each copy of the newspaper featured a different comic strip, with competition codes and different endings to the comic strip. The printing system from DC Thomson makes it possible to change what’s being printed without swapping plates on the […]

New publishers are coming to Snapchat Discover, including Vox and BuzzFeed

You might have heard: Snapchat Discover’s launch in January represented a possible way to reach low-effort news consumers, but questions have been raised about the amount of traffic Discover actually receives But did you know: Snapchat is planning to add “two or three” new media partners to its Discover feature within the next week. Snapchat […]

Why Bloomberg’s ‘What is Code’ received more traffic than any other article since the launch of the business site

Bloomberg Businessweek’s massive 38,000-word story “What is Code” has generated more traffic than any other article since the site’s launch, an accomplishment editor Josh Tyrangiel says can partly be due to the fact it reached several different communities. It was popular with coders, as well as non-coders who work in business, but the majority of […]

Quartz launches Atlas, a searchable platform for charts and data visualizations

You might have heard: As publishing has moved to digital forms, journalists have discovered it is sometimes preferable to tell a news story without writing an article But did you know: Atlas is Quartz’s new home for its charts and data visualizations created by staff and select contributors. Readers are able to search Atlas, as […]

Time magazine launches standalone site Time Labs to highlight its interactive stories

You might have heard: Most of The New York Times’ most popular items last year weren’t news stories, but a mix of contributed content, interactives and quizzes But did you know: Interactive games and quizzes such as The New York Times’ dialect quiz have been some of the more popular content for news sites recently. […]