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The Wall Street Journal is the latest publisher to sign on to Snapchat Discover

You might have heard: New publishers have been coming to Snapchat Discover, including BuzzFeed and Refinery29 But did you know: Both Snapchat and The Wall Street Journal are going after new audiences, Kurt Wagner writes. The Wall Street Journal will be joining Snapchat’s Discover feature, the first major business publication to join Discover since it […]

How Storyful uses Slack as an extension of its newswire to deliver content to its clients

Besides using Slack as a communication tool, Storyful is taking advantage of a Slack integration as a way to deliver its content to its clients. The integration allows Storyful’s partners to receive breaking news notifications as an integration in their own Slack. Before, clients were required to log-in to a dashboard to receive Storyful content. […]

The New York Times wants its first virtual reality film ‘The Displaced’ to be ‘the moment when VR went mainstream’

After delivering more than a million pre-assembled cardboard virtual reality viewers to readers, The New York Times wants people to see its first virtual reality film “The Displaced” as “the moment when VR went mainstream.” NYT says the launch of its virtual reality app was the most successful NYT app launch ever, with more downloads […]

Facebook’s traffic to its top 30 publishers has fallen 32 percent since January

You might have heard: Facebook’s Instant Articles are more likely to be shared than regular links, but may be leading to traffic losses for publishers But did you know: According to distribution analytics company SimpleReach, traffic to Facebook’s top 30 publishers has fallen 32 percent since January, but publishers aren’t sure why. Lucia Moses writes […]

Netflix’s chief executive on whether it would expand into live evening news broadcasts: ‘You don’t want to invest in things that are dying’

Netflix said in October that its next area for expansion may be news programming, but its chief executive doesn’t seem interested in expanding into live evening newscasts. Reed Hastings, who is also one of Netflix’s founders, responded to a question on the subject by saying: “You don’t want to invest in things that are dying.” […]

Facebook’s Instant Articles could lead to traffic losses for publishers

You might have heard: Facebook’s Instant Articles are now available to all iPhone users, and Instant Articles for Android will be launched later this year But did you know: As Facebook’s Instant Articles become available to more users, questions are being raised about the future of links on Facebook and whether its algorithm will prioritize […]

Rise of platform publishing leads to a new role at media companies: Platform ambassador

The newest role to come to media companies is platform ambassador, Lucia Moses writes, driven by the need to understand platforms such as Facebook and Snapchat. Vox is currently hiring a director of partner platforms, who will “establish and own the relationship with all major content platforms” and work with Vox’s product, editorial and revenue […]

How publishers are approaching strategies for a new social network called The List App

Since it was opened to the public earlier this month, publishers are using a new social network called The List App to reclaim the listicle. The List App, which was created by The Office’s B.J. Novak, allows users to create lists, relist (similar to retweet) others’ lists, and save lists. The New York Times is […]

Self-publishing outlets such as Lena Dunham’s newsletter may give more traditional publishers reason to be afraid

Actress Lena Dunham is on her way to “journalistic respectability” with her new newsletter Lenny, Andrew Wallenstein writes, possibly giving more traditional publishers reason to be fearful. Self-publishers and traditional publishers used to be on opposite sides of the ecosystem, Wallenstein says, but those days are over as social media bypasses a middleman. Wallenstein writes: […]

‘You don’t need to be The New York Times to do virtual reality’

Virtual reality is on the rise, and you don’t need to be a huge news organization with tons of resources to get in on it, Robert Hernandez writes. Hernandez outlines the different kinds of virtual reality you can do, with the most cost-effective ways to do it and resources for getting tips from others. Hernandez […]