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Don’t expect the Oculus Rift to have a huge impact on journalism just yet

The Oculus Rift virtual reality headset began shipping pre-ordered headsets yesterday, but Joseph Lichterman writes that we shouldn’t expect the Oculus Rift to have a big impact on journalism just yet. While the Oculus Rift is “a solid first step into mainstream VR,” the price point and computing power needed will limit its adoption: The […]

Lena Dunham’s email newsletter Lenny Letter now has 400,000 subscribers and a 65 percent open rate

Just six months after its launch, Lena Dunham’s email newsletter Lenny Letter is boasting some impressive numbers: The email newsletter has 400,000 subscribers and a 65 percent open rate, while the Lenny Letter website received 600,000 unique visitors in February. Nieman Lab’s Laura Hazard Owen writes that Lenny would have received a fair amount of […]

Emailing teenagers the news: 8 good questions with Clover’s Liza Darwin and Casey Lewis

Email newsletters are in the midst of a renaissance, and new email newsletter Clover is taking advantage of the medium to reach teenage girls. Started by former magazine editors Casey Lewis and Liza Darwin, Clover aims to inform teenage girls about the news that matters to them in a way that feels new and fresh. […]

What to expect from Google AMP next: More interactive story forms and advertisements

In a Q&A with Nieman Lab’s Shan Wang, Google’s head of news Richard Gingras says in the coming versions of Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages, publishers can expect to see more interactive and creative story forms and advertisements. Gingras says Google has brought publishers into the development process with conversations about what publishers are looking for […]

How collaborating with scientists could help investigative reporting

At The Chicago Tribune, investigative reporters are collaborating with scientists to cover in-depth scientific and medical stories, a model that the Tribune’s Sam Roe writes could be replicated elsewhere. Instead of covering what the scientists were doing, the Tribune brought them into the reporting process, making the story an “important part of the scientific effort.” […]

New York Times’ Express team shows how much readers are in control of news now

The New York Times Express team is a product of a new reality in journalism, Margaret Sullivan writes: “The Times can no longer just decide, high on its mountaintop, what is news.” NYT senior editor Patrick LaForge says the Express team starts crafting stories when a topic starts gaining traction on social media, resulting in […]

4 easy-to-use storytelling tools for new journalists

While there’s a big focus in journalism on new tools for storytelling, Elite Truong writes that some journalism schools have been slow to start teaching students to tell stories in new ways. To that end, Truong offers her favorite, easy-to-use storytelling tools for new journalists. The tools include Storify for breaking news on social, Autotune […]

How Quartz’s redesigned homepage better highlights different story forms

Quartz’s redesigned homepage better showcases the different story forms Quartz uses, including charts, videos and podcasts. To do that, Quartz abandoned the idea that there needed to be a “top story” at the top of the page, often in the form of a written article. Now, the homepage is curated by editors, who each bring […]

How The New York Times is giving readers the option to follow the Paris attacks via email

New York Times readers can subscribe to email updates on the Paris attacks, the first time NYT has offered email updates on a story of this scale. The email updates offer breaking news coverage, as well as Paris coverage from other areas of the NYT, such as arts. Three updates have been sent out so […]

Virtual reality may not be appropriate for some journalistic purposes because of the need to stage and arrange scenes

You might have heard: NPR senior vice president of news Mike Oreskes tells staff in a memo on virtual reality, “Our stories can’t be virtually true. They must be fully real” (NPR) and The New York Times distributed more than a million cardboard virtual reality viewers for the release of its first virtual reality film, […]