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We encourage you to read our in-depth white paper: “Understanding the rise of sponsored content,” which distills insights from an API summit that gathered some of the best leaders on this subject.

Time Inc. has signed its first client for Watercooler Live, its native ad product

You might have heard: Time Inc. is planning to “dramatically expand its native ad business” ahead of Time Warner spinoff (MediaPost, AdWeek) But did you know: “Time Inc. has signed its first client for Watercooler Live, its new native ad product that pours advertiser content, social commentary and Time Inc. editorial content into microsites and ad units,” writes Lucia Moses. […]

Digital advertising, including native ads, has a repetition problem

Digiday’s Josh Sternberg writes that most advertising on the Web has yet to find a solution to drilling in an advertiser’s message. On TV or even Hulu, we see the same ad over and over; research suggests that the repetition results in influence on consumer choice. Sternberg asks: what was the last banner ad you […]

The New York Times is the latest news organization to jump into sponsored content

You might have heard: The Associated Press, Washington Post look to sponsored content (AdAge) But did you know: Meredith Kopit Levien, executive vice president of advertising at The New York Times, share details of the paper’s plans for branded content units. The Times is planning to introduce them in its redesigned website, scheduled to roll out in the […]

How sponsored content is created

As we noted in our discussion of the four business models for sponsored content, there are varying levels of involvement from the brand and the publisher. In some cases the brand is on its own to produce what it wants to publish. But in many cases someone working for the publisher plays a role. Most […]

How to measure success of sponsored content

Most publishers at our summit said they track all the typical content metrics when measuring the reach of sponsored content — views, unique visitors, time spent, etc. Most also share these metrics with sponsors but guarantee little or no specific results. Publishers that maintain more control over the content seemed to feel more comfortable guaranteeing […]

Unsolved challenges of sponsored content

Even the best experts we gathered for our summit acknowledged some areas where knowledge is missing. Reader impact: For one, it’s difficult to know what readers’ tolerance for and reaction to sponsored content is. For all the talk on many sides about whether credibility is affected, no one knows for sure. More research is needed. […]

Understanding the rise of sponsored content

In recent years news publishers have grappled with an uncomfortable realization: The traditional revenue streams of display advertising and reader subscriptions may not be sufficient to support them in a digital age. Digital display ads command unimpressive rates and engagement, with clickthroughs measured in the tenths of percentage points. Digital subscriptions have recently helped some […]

Why sponsored content is promising for news organizations

The potential for native advertising is enormous. For some publishers it’s already more than just potential — BuzzFeed draws all of its revenue from the model; and more than 50 percent of the Atlantic’s digital revenue is tied to native campaigns. From the conversations at our summit we identified a few underlying reasons. 1. It […]

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