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We encourage you to read our in-depth white paper: “Understanding the rise of sponsored content,” which distills insights from an API summit that gathered some of the best leaders on this subject.

Mobile advertising needs more creative thinking

Rather than just think ‘advertising,’ think of ‘useful services’ for readers and sponsors Publishers should fundamentally rethink how to monetize mobile products, beyond just conventional display ads shrunk to smaller screens. That was a universal message among the participants in our mobile summit. Publishers moving into mobile have to figure out how they can be […]

“Native ads are just advertorials by another name”

Ryan Chittum jumps into the conversation around Andrew Sullivan and Talking Points Memo’s new Idealab Impact section sponsored by PhRMA. “There’s nothing inherently worse about an advertiser using a thousand words in story form to spread its message … So if we accept that advertising itself is a necessary evil, the only question for native […]

The WSJ’s native-ad formula: transparent, quality, and rare

“The move [to native ads] feels like an inevitable one for The Wall Street Journal, which like The New York Times and The Washington Post, has come around to native advertising as a viable way to make up for sinking advertising and subscription revenue — even despite a robust paywall,” writes Ricardo Bilton. “But the […]

The Wall Street Journal announced the launch of a new content division WSJ. Custom Studios

You might have heard: How top publishers handle “sponsored content” (Digiday) But did you know: WSJ. Custom Studios, part of the business side of the operation, will produce the native ads, which will exist in a separate section of the website and be labeled as “sponsor generated content.” The department has created content on behalf of advertisers, but […]

How news outlets can make native ads work for them

“Mainstream media can use their “storytelling” expertise, and trusted brand, to discover opportunities in native advertising, but should remain focused on their site’s identity,” writes Rachel Bartlett. The “biggest competitive differentiator is a better understanding of your audience,” said Will Hayward, vice president of advertising for BuzzFeed.

The Lego movie is native advertising on the grandest scale

“After I left the cinema it seemed funny to me that as the rise of native advertising in online media prompts more outcry at a dying industry supposedly selling its soul and misleading its readers to save its bottom line, the biggest movie of the year is an overtly branded vehicle,” writes James Robinson. “[But] the creators […]

Mobile news app Circa is exploring a new form of sponsored content

You might have heard:  Sponsored content and native advertising have been on the rise, including in legacy organizations like The New York Times (Business Insider) But did you know: Circa users “follow” stories they’re interested in, reading a stream of “atoms” — pieces of a story — which are updated as a story evolves. In […]

Guardian garners seven-figure Unilever deal for new branded content division

You might have heard: The New York Times recently unveiled its native ad platform as part of its overall website redesign (Business Insider) But did you know:  Guardian Labs, the new 133-person branded content agency at the Guardian, will produce Unilever content that resides on, labeling it as commercially supported.  It’s not the first […]

Andrew Sullivan sees Gawker’s latest sponsored post as “a harbinger of its eventual collapse”

In a sponsored post from Newcastle and Studio@Gawker headlined, “We’ve Disguised This Newcastle Ad as an Article to Get You to Click It,” the writer cheekily states, “Newcastle Ale ‘bought’ me — an in-house copywriter — because actual Gawker writers can’t accept money from advertisers.” Andrew Sullivan, who has been critical of sponsored content, writes […]

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