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We encourage you to read our in-depth white paper: “Understanding the rise of sponsored content,” which distills insights from an API summit that gathered some of the best leaders on this subject.

The Guardian to experiment with native ads, and share what it learns

Seb Joseph writes on the challenges facing The Guardian’s native ad division Guardian Labs: native advertising campaigns do not have standardized metrics, and debates remain on whether they should be branding-based, performance-based or somewhere inbetween. Guardian Labs will prioritize proving return on investment and share its knowledge with the rest of the industry, according to […]

The industry is mixed on how editorial staff should participate in the native ad business

You might have heard: Condé Nast unveils branded content studio “23 Stories,” which will involve newsroom editors in its production of native ads (Wall Street Journal) But did you know: Condé Nast is not the first organization in the recent rise of sponsored content to involve editorial staff in the production of ads in some way. […]

Publishers differ on placement of native ads, including their editorial context and technology

You might have heard: Native advertising is here to stay, no longer reserved for digital natives But did you know: As native advertising grows, so do the growing pains. “The need to have ads treated the same way as editorial is competing with the equally great demand for targeting and accountability that the CMS can’t […]

Why media companies should pay attention to Medium’s native ads

You might have heard: Medium launches Gone, a travel vertical with Marriott International, blending the native advertising and paid sponsorship approach(Digiday) But did you know: “Medium, which former Twitter CEO Evan Williams launched in 2012, has come out with a number of experiments around how it creates and displays content, but the most interesting is […]

How UK-based Dennis Publishing increases native-ad reach

“The question for native advertising has long been: Will it scale? Dennis Publishing believes it can, but only by rethinking distribution strategies and applying a healthy dose of tech,” writes Chris Smith. He writes about the changes the publisher is making on the content, tech, and data side to increase its reach.

The banner ad is a monster that swallowed the web whole and created two decades of havoc

You might have heard: The banner ad celebrates its 20th birthday (AdAge) But did you know: “The history of the banner ad is a cautionary tale for today’s hot start-ups. It is a story of what happens when you try to monetize an invention too quickly, before it has gained a wide enough foothold with […]

The numbers behind Jill Abramson and Steven Brill’s new media venture don’t add up

“The central question for the venture — and the reason why so many are skeptical — revolves around whether there is enough revenue available from subscriptions to pay a significant number of journalists an average of $100,000 for a single longform article,” writes Mathew Ingram. + “I think Mathew Ingram though is imposing too strict […]

Authentic news reporting and corporate journalism are bound to compete

You might have heard: The lines between journalism and PR are rapidly becoming blurred as business interests bypass traditional media (Financial Times) and The divide between having ideas and reporting on them is dissolving as think tanks get into journalism (The Economist) But did you know: “Those who fear native advertising or branded content will […]

Native advertising is here to stay, no longer reserved for digital natives

Joshua Benton writes that it’s hard to find a major news company that isn’t looking to native as an important part of its business strategy. “Native advertising — which is fundamentally about brands, both the news organization’s and the advertiser’s — is seen as a place where publishers can still have something to offer,” writes […]

The business behind BuzzFeed’s growth and expansion: 8 good questions with BuzzFeed’s Eric Harris

When Eric Harris started at BuzzFeed, they were a six-person technology lab experimenting with how content was being shared. As the only “business” person then, he was responsible for everything from HR and payroll to analytics and business development. Now, as BuzzFeed’s executive vice president of business operations, his focus has shifted to building and […]