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We encourage you to read our in-depth white paper: “Understanding the rise of sponsored content,” which distills insights from an API summit that gathered some of the best leaders on this subject.

Why native advertising on editorial websites might not work

Brands like native advertising because it makes them look like part of the website rather than an advertisement, and native advertising is even beginning to influence more traditional forms of advertising. But Mark Duffy, writer of the Copyranter blog, says that no one has been able to prove that native advertising actually leads to sales […]

How newspapers are using Instagram to attract new readers

Instagram was launched in October 2010, but many newspapers were slower to move to it because of its focus on images rather than sharing links. For many newspapers using Instagram well, it isn’t as much about promoting content as it about promoting their company’s brand. Patrick Traylor, digital photo editor at The Denver Post, says: […]

How apps such as Snapchat and Periscope are making the media take vertical video seriously

Vertical video has often been dismissed as an amateur mistake by publishers and marketers, but apps such as Periscope, Meerkat and Snapchat are making the media industry look at vertical video differently. Vertical video ads have nine times more completed views than horizontal video ads on Snapchat, according to Snapchat and the Daily Mail North […]

Blackberry may have turned Hillary Clinton’s email controversy into a native ad for Variety

Blackberry, the favorite phone of the political class, is sponsoring a post for Variety titled “Hillary Clinton’s E-mail: Lessons Learned,” asking what can be taken away from the controversy “if we can move past the politics.” The article does not have a byline and it’s not immediately clear if the ad is sponsored by Blackberry. […]

How U.K. journalists are targeting women with a new platform, The Pool

BBC 6 Music presenter Lauren Laverne and former Cosmopolitan U.K. editor Sam Baker are launching The Pool, a news site featuring writing, video and audio for women. The pair are working with a team of well-known U.K. journalists such as MasterChef winner and Guardian columnist Thomasina Miers on the website, which will be up before […]

Journalists shouldn’t be the ones writing native ads, because they aren’t trained to sell

When a news organization approaches native advertising, journalists are sometimes the ones selected to write the ad content. Mark Duffy, author of the Copyranter blog, says that copywriters should be the ones writing native ads because a good copywriter knows how to write long copy and their training is in how to sell, unlike journalists. […]

Daily Mail enters large, experimental sponsored content partnership with Strayer University

Led by former BuzzFeed president and now CEO of Daily Mail North America Jon Steinberg, Daily Mail will create a new sponsored section called Strayer Business News. Daily Mail will house 160 pieces of sponsored content (text and video) over the next year, and Daily Mail editorial staff will receive digital media training from Strayer […]

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