Sponsored content / Native advertising

We encourage you to read our in-depth white paper: “Understanding the rise of sponsored content,” which distills insights from an API summit that gathered some of the best leaders on this subject.

How Trinity Mirror is using its branded content studio to learn more about its readers

To better inform the creative strategy for its branded content studio Invention, Trinity Mirror conducted a research project called Modal Britain to establish what set Trinity Mirror’s readership apart. The project identified three characteristics unique to its readers: “their beliefs (a premium on social justice), betterment (their own personal achievable goals) and belonging (their sense […]

How journalists are dealing with changes in the industry and their jobs

Journalists’ views on new trends: sponsored content and aggregation Technology and business disruption have brought about new issues that relate to ethics and economics. The survey probed two of these in particular: the advent of sponsored content or native advertising and the issue of compensation for aggregation and curation. First, the quest for new, more […]

BBC Worldwide looks to bring newsroom values to content marketing partnerships

BBC Worldwide, the commercial division of the BBC, is launching an in-house creative agency StoryWorks, dedicated to bringing BBC’s newsroom values to its content marketing partnerships. To bring those newsroom values, StoryWorks will be led by former BBC journalist Richard Pattinson. Carolyn Gibson, executive vice president of BBC Advertising, says: “We are bringing it all […]

43 percent of US readers say they have been disappointed or deceived by sponsored content

You might have heard: Sponsored content is on the rise as a new revenue stream for publishers But did you know: According to a new report by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, 43 percent of U.S. news consumers have felt tricked or let down by native advertising or sponsored content. The 2015 […]

Most media companies don’t call native ads ‘advertisements’

An analysis of two dozen news and lifestyle sites, social media platforms and popular mobile apps found that most companies aren’t calling native ads “advertisements.” Instead, the analysis, completed by Advertising Age, found that publishers use alternate phrases, including “sponsored,” “promoted” or “presented by.” Mike Dyer, The Daily Beast’s managing director-chief product and strategy officer, […]

Ad blocking software is now able to filter sponsored content

Ad blocking software is now able to recognize sponsored content, possibly threatening a viable source of revenue in media. But what’s more troubling is the way it’s filtering it: Adblock Pro identifies and removes phrases such as “sponsored content” or “sponsored by,” making it nearly impossible for users to identify editorial content from sponsored content. […]

Why BuzzFeed’s editorial fumbles don’t have to be a buzzkill for native advertising

Michael Goefron says the discovery that BuzzFeed deleted post after advertiser pressures is indicative of a problem for all publishers with native advertising: It makes you more vulnerable to advertiser pressures. But as the lines between editorial and advertising are blurred, Goefron says this doesn’t have to be a damper on native advertising. Goefron says […]

Facebook adds native ad functionality within the Facebook Audience Network

You might have heard: Native advertising is here to stay, and social networks are muscling into mobile advertising space But did you know: With the addition of native ad functionality in mobile ad platform Facebook Audience Network, Facebook is hoping publishers, developers and Facebook itself will be able to generate more revenue. On its blog […]

Brands are hiring journalists and building standalone publications around their products

You might have heard: Sponsored content is growing quickly as a business modelas news organizations such as The Washington Post and The New York Times experiment, but the industry is divided on the role editorial staff should play But did you know: Mattress manufacturing startup Casper is hiring journalists ahead of launching its standalone website […]

Why branded content requires a set of skills that’s uncomfortable for journalists

Effective branded content is easy to read and informative, but the writer also has to answer to people on the business side and take criticism from advertisers, something journalists do not typically have to do. Adam Ashton, head of The New York Times’ T Brand studio, says those conversations with clients and the business side […]