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We encourage you to read our in-depth white paper: “Understanding the rise of sponsored content,” which distills insights from an API summit that gathered some of the best leaders on this subject.

Trinity Mirror created ‘purposefully disruptive’ branded content to get more people to engage with it

A new native ad from Trinity Mirror for a children’s TV show is intentionally getting in the way of  people’s reading experience in print and online by having a character’s face pop up in unexpected places and increasingly “infecting” the page with green slime. Mark Field, director of Trinity Mirror’s in-house content studio Invention, says […]

A year after its launch, readers spent an average of 9 minutes on content from News UK’s branded content studio

News U.K.’s branded content studio Method has a big bragging point a year after its launch: Readers spent an average of 9 minutes on its content, the same amount of time they spend on News U.K.’s editorial content. After spending the first six months defining and explaining where the line with editorial was, Method has […]

BuzzFeed’s native political ads may cross a line as readers often can’t tell the difference between native ads and editorial content

BuzzFeed is one of the most prominent online publishers to offer sponsored content for political candidates, which Jack Murtha and Chava Gourarie write “could herald in a new marriage between political ad spending and journalism.” However, some think the native political ads may cross a line as research finds readers struggle to distinguish between sponsored content […]

CNN’s Great Big Story will produce native ads, but it may not be labeled as such

You might have heard: CNN launched Millennial-focused video site Great Big Story, its attempt to compete with Vice and BuzzFeed (Advertising Age) But did you know: With its new Millennial-focused video site Great Big Story, CNN is aiming to create content that will be shared widely on social networks and conducive to native advertising, but […]

How The Atlantic got people to spend more time on its native ads through a redesign

After The Atlantic’s website redesign was released earlier this year, performance of its native ads has nearly tripled: Readers now spend four to five minutes on native ads, The Atlantic says, and ad measurement firm Nudge says those native ads are now outperforming BuzzFeed and Mashable in terms of time spent. The new design reduces […]

Publishers are worried that even native ads are also vulnerable to ad-blocking

You might have heard: Digital publishers are trying to cope with the rise of ad-blockers, with some publishers turning to native advertising as an alternative But did you know: As the industry tries to figure out how to deal with ad blockers, Mike Shields writes that one common proposed solution is native advertising. However, some […]

Financial Times is launching sponsored content through a new branded unit

Sponsored content is coming to the Financial Times: FT is launching a new unit called FT Squared, which will bring together FT’s existing content marketing options with its new sponsored content. FT’s global advertising sales director Dominic Good says: “We’re launching Squared and paid posts to show advertisers we’re serious about content marketing. We’re not […]

New survey from Contently finds consumers can’t tell the difference between editorial content and sponsored content

According to a new survey from marketing firm Contently, a large majority of people continue to confuse sponsored content with editorial content. Contently surveyed 509 people ages 18 and up, showing them sponsored content from publishers including The Atlantic and The New York Times and an editorial story on Whole Foods from Forbes. In four […]

How pop culture and fashion magazine Nylon is adapting to ad blocking: It’s combining marketing and editorial

Many digital publishers are struggling to find ways to cope with the rise of ad blocking, but pop culture and fashion magazine Nylon is bringing marketing and editorial together by making the roles of editor in chief and chief marketing officer one position. Nylon CEO Paul Greenberg says the idea is that doubling down on […]

Mobile readership is growing rapidly, but mobile revenue isn’t keeping up

You might have heard: Mobile is now the majority of traffic for most news sites, and the key to mobile ad revenue could be the ability to track users across platforms But did you know: The number of readers on mobile is growing fast, but many publishers are finding selling mobile ads to be a […]