Some publishers say they aren’t seeing the effects of mobile ad blocking yet

It’s been a week since Apple released iOS9 and made mobile ad blocking possible for users, but Mike Shields reports that publishers say they’ve seen little to no impact on their mobile traffic. Prior to iOS9’s release, many feared that the ability to use mobile ad blockers would lead to huge declines in publishers’ mobile […]

Apple’s News tries to be the ideal news app for readers, but its idea may be flawed

Many people have tried to create an ideal news app over the years, Will Oremus writes, but no one has quite succeeded. The latest attempt by Apple in its News app has the potential to do well, but Oremus writes that its recommendations have to succeed — and so far, they don’t appear to be. […]

The creator of the No. 1 ad-blocking app in the App Store is pulling it from the market

Marco Arment pulled his ad-blocking app Peace from Apple’s App Store on Friday after just 36 hours. In that time, Peace rose to the position of No. 1 paid app. Arment is offering users who paid for Peace refunds, and suggested alternative apps for users who still want to block ads on Apple’s iOS operating […]

A day after iOS9 was launched, ad blockers are among the top apps in Apple’s App Store

You might have heard: iOS9 was released on Wednesday, bringing with it ad blockers and Apple News (Fortune) But did you know: Just a day after Apple’s iOS9 was released, ad blockers are among the most-downloaded apps in the App Store. iOS9 is the first operating system from Apple that allows the use of mobile […]

Publishers don’t care that the mobile web is awful because they can get away with long page-load times

The reason why many publishers don’t care about their long page-load times is simple, Peter Rojas writes: They can get away with the long load times. As long as a publisher is still receiving visitors, Rojas writes, there’s no incentive for the publisher to reduce their page load times. And with social media, Rojas says […]

How to make using your app a habit for new users

Gilad Bechar writes that it can be a challenge to get mobile users to develop new habits in app use, but there’s some steps app creators can take to make app use routine. Bechar recommends communicating to users how your app makes something easier for them, such as saving time or making a task easier. […]

Google and Twitter are partnering for their own version of Instant Articles

You might have heard: Facebook is launching Instant Articles with a group of partner publishers, looking to decrease page load times on mobile But did you know: Google and Twitter are partnering to launch their own version of Instant Articles this fall with a small group of publishers. The main difference between Instant Articles and […]

What Apple’s latest announcements mean for news organizations: Publishers will be able to publish video directly to Apple TV

Though Apple’s announcements on Wednesday didn’t include an update on the much discussed Apple News mobile app, Joshua Benton breaks down what the rest of Apple’s announcements mean for news organizations. Apple TV will include a full app store, which will allow publishers to publish video directly to Apple TV. That’s exciting for news publishers […]

Why The New York Times designed a video to be visually appealing both horizontally and vertically

A New York Times video telling the story of a Justin Bieber/Diplo/Skrillex hit song can be watched both horizontally on desktop and vertically on mobile, which Shan Wang writes helps it reach a larger audience. NYT graphics editor Graham Roberts says people on their phones want to watch videos vertically, but music videos are traditionally […]

Publishers may soon be able to determine when smartphone users are bored and push content to them

Researchers from Telefónica Research in Spain have developed a machine-learning model that can recognize when a user is bored and then push content to those users. In their testing, the researchers found “participants were significantly more likely to open and engage with suggested content on their mobile phones when our algorithms predicted them to be […]