Apple adds a warning in its News app when users tap on some ads

Apple’s war on online ads continues, Lucia Moses writes. After making it easier for mobile users to block ads, Apple now has added a warning in its News app when tapping on some ads, notifying the user that viewing the ad will cause the user to leave the app. The warnings don’t pop up on […]

Mobile editors on what it means to be a mobile editor: It’s just as much about helping the newsroom understand mobile as optimizing mobile performance for readers

The role of “mobile editor” in newsrooms is relatively new, and Shan Wang asked mobile editors what their title means to them. Emily Banks, deputy editor of mobile at Bloomberg News, says: “The role of a mobile editor at a large legacy publication is as much about the mobile user/reader as it is about your […]

Mathew Ingram: Google’s AMP project should give publishers reason to hesitate

Google’s recently announced Accelerated Mobile Pages project aims to make the mobile web faster, but Mathew Ingram writes that there’s reason for publishers to be hesitant about whether to jump on board. AMP pages would likely require publishers to abandon Javascript-based analytics and tracking, which Ingram says has the potential to heavily affect their monetization. […]

Google is aiming to speed up the mobile web with Accelerated Mobile Pages

You might have heard: Google was expected to announce its own version of Instant Articles, with a group of publishers as partners But did you know: Google announced Wednesday Accelerated Mobile Pages, its answer to Facebook’s Instant Articles. Accelerated Mobile Pages speed up mobile page load times through a new open framework called AMP HTML, […]

For local independent news publishers, mobile strategy is still missing

At last week’s LION Summit for local independent news publishers, panels discussed ad-selling strategies and other revenue-generating ideas at length, but mobile strategy was missing. Laura Hazard Owen writes that’s concerning considering the growing number of people who are consuming news on mobile devices. Brian Wheeler, executive director of Charlottesville Tomorrow, says they unsuccessfully tried […]

‘Your phone’s home screen is dead’: Notifications, widget and search are among the new, better ways to get around an iPhone

With the release of iOS9, the most useful features on the iPhone can now be found outside of the home screen, Zach Seward writes. Changes to the Notification Center mean users see an aggregated list of notifications organized chronologically, and more app actions are available without opening the apps. For publishers, this means the apps […]

Jamaica-based mobile operator will block online advertising from its networks

Wireless operator Digicel will soon block online advertising from traveling across its networks in the South Pacific and and Caribbean. The Jamaica-based company said companies including Google and Facebook will be required pay to deliver ads to Digicel subscribers or their ads will be blocked. Digicel says it plans to allow ads that appear “on […]

Ad-blocking, ‘the biggest boycott in human history,’ could improve the relationship between marketers and consumers

Ad-blocking is “the biggest boycott in human history,” Doc Searls writes, but it could work to actually improve the relationship between consumers and marketers. Searls says marketers will have to think about new, more genuine ways to reach consumers. Once they do that Searls says, they’ll realize “genuine relationships are worth far more than the […]

To attract new readers to its news app, BuzzFeed is launching a college tour with the 2016 presidential candidates

You might have heard: BuzzFeed has been developing an app that focuses on “serious news” and aggregates other reporting But did you know: With the goal of drawing more people to its news app, BuzzFeed is launching the “BuzzFeed News Candidate College Tour,” an interview series at colleges with the 2016 presidential candidates. Brian Stelter reports […]

The Washington Post says it will publish all of its stories on Facebook’s Instant Articles

You might have heard: Facebook is ramping up its Instant Articles by expanding the number of users who can see them and the number of publishers who can create them (Re/code) But did you know: As Facebook makes Instant Articles viewable by more users, The Washington Post says it will be publishing all of its […]