Axel Springer subsidiary is taking iOS ad-blocker Blockr to court

Axel Springer subsidiary WELTN24 is suing iOS content blocker Blockr in an attempt to stop the development and distribution of its software. Blockr is one of several new ad blockers that has sprung up since iOS 9 allowed the use of them. Blockr’s lawyers say Axel Springer wants to prevent the developers from being able […]

Breaking News measures the relevancy of its push alerts by how often people visit the app and sign up for notifications

With each push alert it sends, Breaking News’ goal is relevance for its users, something that may not be easily tracked by click-through rates. Co-founder Cory Bergman says as a way to measure relevance, Breaking News looks at how many people sign up for more notifications and visit the app. The number of monthly push […]

Cards are a popular design choice in 2015 because of their compatibility with mobile screens

“2015 is the Year of the Card,” Carrie Cousins writes. Mobile apps from Flipboard to Spotify to Tinder are using cards as a design feature, because of their compatibility with mobile screens. Cards work well on mobile because they’re almost the same size and shapes as mobile screens. But cards can be used in both […]

Publishers are underwhelmed with Apple News, from traffic to user experience to data they’re getting from Apple

Despite how highly anticipated Apple’s News app was, publishers are somewhat disappointed with the new platform two months in. Lucia Moses writes that publishing executives are unhappy with the traffic they’re receiving from the app, the user experience it offers, as well as the data they’re receiving from Apple. Though they’re disappointed, an unnamed publishing […]

Facebook built Notify because they see notifications as their own medium

You might have heard: Facebook launched Notify, an app for customized push notifications from more than 70 publishers (Facebook Newsroom) But did you know: Facebook’s newest app, Notify, sends users push notifications from publishers, but Facebook is adamant that Notify is not a news reader. Michael Cerda, Facebook’s product director, says that Facebook built Notify […]

The mobile ad market is increasingly dependent on app-install ads for growth

“There isn’t a single brand in the world, consumer product, automotive or travel brand, that will spend as much money on mobile ads as apps,” says Opera Mediaworks CEO Mahi de Silva. Opera, which helps big brands advertise on top publishing sites and apps, says one-third of its revenue comes from ads that promote installation […]

How The New York Times measures the effectiveness of a push notification

“Tap-through” rates can be a good way to measure whether push notifications are effective at driving users to an app. But a successful push notification doesn’t necessarily have to drive traffic back to the app if it’s informing the user. The New York Times’ new push notification team is examining what a user does after […]

Facebook could be your next CMS, and that may not necessarily be a bad thing

“I feel reasonably confident that within the next 6–12 months, you will only see Instant Articles in the mobile news feed,” Boston Globe’s Matt Karolian writes, because they’re better than mobile articles publishers put out themselves. For that reason, there’s nothing stopping Facebook from making Instant Articles its own CMS, but Karolian writes that’s not […]

Facebook’s Instant Articles could lead to traffic losses for publishers

You might have heard: Facebook’s Instant Articles are now available to all iPhone users, and Instant Articles for Android will be launched later this year But did you know: As Facebook’s Instant Articles become available to more users, questions are being raised about the future of links on Facebook and whether its algorithm will prioritize […]

Apple News has arrived in the UK, a month after it became available in the US

A month after Apple News arrived in the U.S., it’s now available for iPhone and iPad users in the U.K. Publisher partners for the U.K. launch include Financial Times, Trinity Mirror and Condé Nast. As the news aggregation app became available in the U.K. on Wednesday, it was also released to iOS users in Australia.