What Apple’s changes to its iAd platform mean for publishers

Apple is making some big changes to its iAd mobile advertising platform, making its system more automated, more publisher-driven, and letting publishers keep 100 percent of the revenue they generate. Garett Sloane breaks down what these changes mean for the publishing industry. By getting itself out of the actual selling of ads, Apple frees itself […]

A glitch caused Apple to underestimate the number of News users since its launch, providing publishers with inaccurate data

You might have heard: Publishers have said they’re underwhelmed with Apple’s highly anticipated News app due to low traffic, poor data from Apple and an underwhelming user experience But did you know: Apple’s senior vice president of Internet software and services Eddy Cue says due to a glitch, Apple has been underestimating the number of […]

To end the ‘mobile ad-blocking apocalypse,’ Schibsted is surveying users to find out what makes an effective mobile ad

Scandinavian publishing group Schibsted believes that by creating better mobile ads, the industry can bring mobile ad-blocking to an end. To figure out what makes a mobile ad effective, Schibsted surveyed more than 37,000 users to one of its largest news outlets about how they responded to various types of advertising campaigns. The survey found […]

For an Apple Watch app to be successful, it needs to make something easier for the user

While the Apple Watch is still young, some brands are figuring out how to make Watch apps work in their favor. Meditation app Headspace offers guided 10-minute meditation routines on its iPhone app, but its Watch app offers a 3-minute mini-meditation session available via an “SOS button.” Meanwhile, Domino’s makes pizza ordering simple by allowing […]

A refresher on the basics of shooting video on your smartphone

As more reporters get comfortable shooting video while reporting, Judd Slivka offers a few reminders on the basics of mobile journalism. Unless you’re recording video for an app like Snapchat, hold your phone sideways to ensure your video is in landscape mode. Also ensure to put your phone into airplane mode, so that no sounds […]

Ad-blocker Purify says consumers are paying too much in data for the ads they’re shown

Mobile ad-blocker Purify put out a new PR pitch on Monday, arguing that consumers could save $233 per year by using a mobile ad blocker. Purify’s pitch is that the cellular bandwidth that mobile users spend each time they’re served an ad can be valued in real money, which could be saved with an ad […]

With $106,000 from the Knight Foundation, Billy Penn will create an interactive mobile journalism guide

You might have heard: According to the Pew Research Center, mobile is now the majority of traffic for 39 of the top 50 digital news sites But did you know: Mobile-first Philadelphia news site Billy Penn will create an interactive, real-time mobile journalism guide designed to help newsrooms stay up-to-date on mobile storytelling tools and […]

Facebook loosens its advertising restrictions for Instant Articles publishers

After some publishers said Facebook’s restrictions on Instant Articles advertisements made it too difficult for them to sell ads, Facebook is loosening those restrictions. Facebook will allow publishers to include more ads in each Instant Article and will also allow publishers to sell Facebook-only ad campaigns. Another change: Publishers will be have the ability to […]

Apple adds a curated list of ‘top stories’ and comScore integration to its News app

You might have heard: Despite how highly anticipated Apple’s News app was, publishers are somewhat disappointed with the platform due to the traffic they’re receiving from the app, the data they’re receiving from Apple, and the user experience it offers But did you know: In an update to its News app released Tuesday, Apple added […]

With its domain now registered to Sinclair Broadcast Group, Circa may be returning via local TV stations

You might have heard: When news app Circa shut down in June, co-founder Matt Galligan said the company was “still working through an opportunity to keep the technology and spirit of Circa alive” But did you know: Since Circa shut down in June, its website and app have been dormant, but some noticed on Twitter […]