News outlets are learning that vertical video is more effective on mobile, but there’s no consensus on the best way to create it

As mobile continues to grow, news publishers are learning from apps such as Snapchat and Periscope that vertical video is more effective for mobile viewing. But what they’re not sure of is how exactly to create vertical video. Some organizations simply have staff rotate their phones and film the video vertically, but others shoot the […]

Why Trinity Mirror is aggregating news from other publishers for its new app

Trinity Mirror’s newest app does something not a lot of publishers’ news apps do: Perspecs features up to 10 curated stories from other publishers, published as a daily edition. With each story, three different articles will run with opposing viewpoints, representing the left-leaning, neutral, and right-leaning perspective on the story. Trinity Mirror’s head of product, […]

After launching mobile-optimized websites and apps for 4 of its brands, Johnston Press had record-breaking traffic in January

Johnston Press is planning to launch new mobile-optimized websites and apps for 11 brands in March and April after seeing success with mobile-friendly redesigns for 4 other brands. Johnston Press says it saw a 20 percent increase in unique visitors in January 2016 over January 2015, and traffic for the redesigned websites in particular saw […]

Research from Facebook and Twitter show that people process mobile content faster

Research conducted independently by Facebook and Twitter shows that people process content on mobile faster and can even recall content in the news feed after one second of exposure. Twitter’s Jeffrey Graham and Facebook’s Fidji Simo say that particular finding means that “after only one second, ad recall goes up enough to be attributed to […]

Why it might be worth it for publishers to invest in apps again

In the last year, publishers including Quartz, The Wall Street Journal and BuzzFeed have launched new apps or announced plans for new apps, showing how publishers are starting to be interested in apps again after they fell out of favor. App users tend to be more engaged and valuable to publishers, a priority for publishers […]

Why it’s time for publishers to embrace personalized push notifications

In a new survey from analytics firm Localytics, more than half of survey respondents said push notifications are an “annoying distraction,” and receiving between 2 and 5 messages per week would cause 45 percent of respondents to disable push notifications. But there’s a better way for publishers to do push notifications, Chialun Huang writes: “Personalization […]

Microsoft launched an iOS app called News Pro, which personalizes news for its users

You might have heard: Apple’s new app News brings content from publishers together in one pre-installed app, and Apple’s Eddy Cue says more than 40 million people have used the app But did you know: Microsoft’s newest iOS app looks a lot like Apple’s own News app, Sarah Perez writes. Called “News Pro,” Microsoft’s new […]

Because it’s seeing its audience change, Quartz will launch an app in early 2016

When Quartz launched in 2012, it intentionally did not have an app because it created a barrier for readers to discover Quartz, publisher Jay Lauf says. Now, Quartz has plans to launch its first app in the first quarter of 2016. That’s because audiences are changing and the app landscape is changing, Lauf says: “Over […]

Google Accelerated Mobile Pages will be fully launched by the end of February, with support for paywalls and multiple analytics providers available

By the end of February, Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages will be fully rolled out, with the pages connected to Google search results, and Twitter and Pinterest soon after. One of the biggest concerns from publishers about AMP pages was how paywalls would work, and Google will release a new version of the AMP code this […]

Bild is experimenting with delivering news to readers via Facebook Messenger

Axel Springer’s German tabloid Bild is experimenting with delivering “news, background information, and rumors regarding the transfer window of the German soccer league” to readers via Facebook Messenger. Users can sign up to receive Facebook Messenger alerts on Bild’s website, or by sending the Bild Tickera message. Editor-in-chief Julian Reichelt says: “Bild has to be […]