Facebook live video is drawing news organizations and other media companies in with big audience numbers, but the opportunities for revenue remain unclear

You might have heard: Facebook launched its live video streaming feature two months ago, with some news organizations finding fast success with the feature because of the built-in audience But did you know: With its new live video feature, Facebook seems to have handed the media industry the answers to the questions of how to […]

Monetizing chat apps will require less advertising and more marketing

Chat applications are fundamentally different from anything news organizations have tried to monetize before, Jarrod Dicker. In order to successfully monetize these apps, Dicker says news organizations will have to move away from advertising and closer to marketing. Chat apps are more personal and more direct, making people less receptive to unwanted interruptions like ads. […]

Why The New York Times has a team dedicated to working with its apps and how local news organizations can adopt this strategy

New York Times’ Beta team is dedicated to working with NYT’s various apps, many of which aren’t necessarily hard or breaking news related. With apps such as Cooking or its real estate app, the Beta team is trying to build a deeper connection with readers and helping readers access some of the content they’re most […]

The expansion of Apple Pay could help news organizations get more readers to pay for news

Apple Pay will be expanded to websites soon, Re/code reports. That could help news organizations get more readers to pay for news, Joshua Benton writes. More people are on mobile devices, and the process of paying for something with a credit card on a mobile website isn’t easy. But Apple Pay will make that easier […]

How The Washington Post is using vertical video

Thanks to Snapchat and social media, vertical video has a future, and news organizations are starting to embrace the format. The Washington Post used vertical video to broadcast the recent relocation of its newsroom, and it often posts vertical videos to its Facebook and Twitter pages. The Post also added a “sticky” video player to article […]

French newspaper Libération shares what it’s seeing so far on Instant Articles

Libération is the first French newspaper to publish all of its articles as Facebook Instant Articles, head of digital Xavier Grangier says, and two months in, it’s sharing what it’s learned so far. Grangier also explains how Libération adjusted on the technological side to publish Instant Articles. Since launching on Instant Articles in January, About […]

Ads on news sites could use up as much at 79% of users’ mobile data

One reason why people download mobile ad blockers is because of the toll mobile ads take on their data plans, Lara O’Reilly writes. A new report from Enders Analysis backs that idea up, showing that ads accounted for as much as 79 percent of data transferred on news sites, with JavaScript elements adding extra data […]

The Washington Post is harnessing interruptions to keep readers’ attention on mobile

The Washington Post is refining the art of the interruption with some new features designed to keep users’ attention, Mario Garcia writes. One new feature allows users to bookmark their spot in a story and receive an email later with a reminder to return, and another shows users a pop-up when they’re been inactive for […]

How to design infographics to be effective on mobile and social

Atlantic Media Strategies’ Nguyet Vuong says when designing infographics for mobile and social, the goal needs to be to deliver the information quickly and efficiently, without overloading the reader with information. To achieve this, Vuong says: “To design for this behavior, a memorable graphic is short, specific, concrete, and has a good balance of text […]

How The Washington Post is making long stories easier for users to finish

The Washington Post released a set of tools last week designed to make its longer stories easier for readers to complete, including a bookmark tool that lets readers save their spot in a story. The reader enters their email address, and the Post will send them an email with a unique URL that will allow […]