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The American Press Institute offers publishers software tools and guidance to help them measure their content in new ways and form data-driven strategies. Read more about our Metrics for News program here, and see other recent insights about metrics and measurement below.

Metric measurement is imperfect, and why Medium is focused on ‘total time reading’

Ev Williams, CEO of Medium and co-founder of Twitter, was recently quoted saying he didn’t care that Instagram had more users than Twitter. In this piece, he explains his increasing frustration with the one-dimensionality of current metrics used to talk about success, why Medium uses time, and why even Comscore’s numbers, which are widely used […]

How to be a storytelling superhero

Alisa Miller, head of Public Radio International, writes about how to take advantage of the new digital “ecosystems” with seven storytelling superpowers, and how PRI is trying to invent new ways to engage with people. “For us, it’s about how these ecosystems fuel growth by generating more value from/for individual stories, user generated content, ‘shows,’ […]

Metrics should support a strategy, not be a strategy

“Show people the good work you do,” writes Matt Boggie, executive director of research and development The New York Times. “This should be the sole motivation behind engagement, user measurement, audience development, or whatever other buzzword names this practice might acquire. The purpose of learning more about your readers and how they find you is […]

McClatchy launches customer data center, provides advertisers with audience information

You might have heard: Guardian News and Media and Telegraph Media Group plan to offer ad buyers the ability to target the combined audiences of their two publications But did you know: McClatchy launched the McClatchy Customer Data Center to help advertisers make better ad-buying strategies. Instead of selling print, digital or niche products, they’re […]

If publishers are going to harness data, we need one language

“With a pervasive lack of industry control over site traffic data and all sorts of definitions around what counts as engagement and attention, it’s understandably confusing to decide what data to trust when considering editorial direction and what data to present to brand advertisers,” writes Sachin Kamdar, CEO and co-founder of analytics tool He […]

The quality paradox in mobile: When shorter content and “time saved” is better

In his new email newsletter on how mobile is changing the media business at its core,  Cory Bergman argues that shorter content rules the day for mobile users. “Imagine, for example, that you can get the nugget of a 2-minute video in a 24-second clip, or 80 percent of the value in 20 percent of […]

A lesson in traffic, reads and conversions

“It’s such a complicated topic because they sound like they should have something in common, but often that’s not the case. You can have an article with a ton of views, but with almost zero conversions,” writes Thomas Baekdal in this useful guide looking at the three metrics. “You can’t just look at a single […]

Feedback loops: Making social media metrics work for the newsroom

“Without analysis, social media metrics are little more than numbers,” writes Chris Sutcliffe. He talks with editors from the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times and the UK’s CityAM about how they use existing metrics to work with journalists and improve the newsroom’s approach to social media and why the constant refinement of distributing stories through […]

5 recommendations for data science in journalism

“Data science” has become a buzzword. News Corp’s Rachel Schutt explains how news outlets can actually use data scientists. “The transition for the news industry from print to digital is not necessarily a smooth transition, but for data people it represents an opportunity because now [outlets are] using behaviours to quantify consumption of news.” Among […]

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