Metrics and measurement

The American Press Institute offers publishers software tools and guidance to help them measure their content in new ways and form data-driven strategies. Read more about our Metrics for News program here, and see other recent insights about metrics and measurement below.

Tow Center: Metrics have a ‘powerful influence’ over journalists’ morale

A new Tow Center report examines the use of metrics in newsrooms, with The New York Times, Gawker and Chartbeat as case studies, and found that analytics often have “important emotional dimensions that are too often overlooked.” A spike in shares can trigger a feeling of triumph in journalists, but less impressive stats can affect […]

How The Pool applies research to make an appointment with its readers

Since The Pool launched two weeks ago in the U.K., the team led by co-founders former Cosmopolitan U.K. editor Sam Baker and BBC 6 Music presenter Lauren Laverne has focused on applying the audience research they completed prior to launch. The founders wanted to make reading The Pool a habit by publishing on a schedule […]

Sending push notifications selectively increases user engagement with them

In what claims to be the largest study of push notifications ever, Urban Airship found the average opt-in rate for receiving push notifications from an installed app was 43 percent, a 2-point decline from last year. But for the apps that tailored notifications and were more selective, engagement was four times that of other apps […]

How social media helps extend the lifespan of an article

According to new data from, the median lifespan of an article is 2.6 days, defined as when an article receives 90 percent of its pageviews. But when you want a story to last longer, social media can lengthen an article’s digital lifespan. Stories in’s study that were on social media had a median […]

To stay differentiated, local and regional publishers should tread carefully while pursuing viral traffic

Editor for digital innovation at Trinity Mirror Alison Gow writes words of warning for local and regional publishers who may try to tack on to viral posts like BuzzFeed’s #TheDress. While it may work a little for national publications “because the pool they fish in is both deep and wide,” audiences are drawn to local […]

With more personalization features, BBC ‘invites’ users to sign in across platforms

The new BBC News mobile app launched in January with a myNews feature that 1.6 million people used to personalize the app since launch, according Phil Fearnley in this note to readers. More personalization based on that feature is planned: “We will notify you when new series arrive, matches start, interviews are aired, road traffic […]

FT will move data scientists into its newsroom

You might have heard: Metered pioneer Financial Times will switch to discounted trial model But did you know: The Financial Times tested its move to a 1-month discounted trial (to widen the potential subscriber funnel) in certain markets and calculated the percentage increase it would have in subscriber base. In this analysis of the FT’s financials […]

Ad agencies describe their mobile-advertising headaches

A survey of media agency executives in the UK finds they would spend more on mobile advertising if publishers could resolve some key challenges. The biggest need, cited by 90 percent of ad agencies, is the ability to track ad campaigns across multiple device types. “A huge barrier to mobile growth,” Chris Smith writes. + […]

As your organization becomes more data-oriented, take stock of data quality

“Data quality problems bedevil managers in every industry, company, business unit, department, and process,” writes Thomas C. Redman. As more data becomes collectable, it becomes key in making strategic decisions that can affect companies for years. For news organizations, thinking through audience data quality control and related processes is critical. Writing reflection questions for any […]

The availability and quality of data on podcast advertising consumption is poorer than on other platforms

You might have heard: Slate looks to build upon its podcasts with live events and creating a network with other publishers (Digiday) But did you know: “Apple has been a big factor in the growth of podcasting, but it’s also a major force holding the medium back,” writes Eric Blattberg. Podcasts are the only part […]